Tournaments and Skins


So, you’re walking through town and you notice that there is an active tournament on the Events board. Would you like to compete in the latest tournament? No problem! Before you can participate you will need to obtain a full set of skins. Click on the Events board, then the “Challenges” tab to begin.

Hey Man, Gimme Some Skins!

Challenges Tab

There are nine skins in each set, one skin per floor. Each floor has at least four doors. One of the doors will have the “Event Chest” behind it. Inside you will find your skin and five other things that you don’t want as much. Opening the other doors will reveal “Common Chests”. They contain boosters, manna stones, banners, and gear.

To open each door you will need to fight in the Survival Arena, pictured below.


You win you must survive for three minutes. You cannot use health potions. Instead, you will do what it says on the screen above. You will kill monsters to restore your health. Some of the monsters seem to be surrounded by glowing red fire flies. Defeat these monsters to restore your health. You’ll get five Survival Arena attempts. After using them you’ll have to wait approximately 30 minutes for each additional attempt. You can spend diamonds if you are unwilling to wait.

Wait a Minute. These Chests are Locked!

Once you have your chests you’ll probably want to open them. Unfortunately you have no keys. Click on the “Quests” tab to find out what you need to do. You’ll see something like this:

Quests Tab

After you complete all three quests you will have earned five keys that you can use to open your chests. You’ll need to fight many rounds in the Survival Arena and complete lots of quests to locate and open all nine Event Chests. I use diamonds to make sure I pull the skins because I am way too impatient to go through this process over and over again. Here are the latest skins:

Hero Skins

As you can see, I’ve obtained the complete “Ancient Hero” set. This allows me to compete in the Daily Tournaments.

Can I Start the Tournament Already?

Are you ready for the Daily Tournament? What a ridiculous question. Of course you are ready. It’s probably taken you a week to get your skins! Start by clicking on the “Daily Tournament” tab pictured below.


There are 18 levels in the Tournament. Each level requires that you spend three minutes in the Survival Arena. The levels get harder as you progress. The rewards grow larger. As you win more points your position will improve. In the image above you can see that I’m at #252. Not very impressive!

Raid? What Raid?

Do you see the “Raid” button? I’m not really sure what this does. A helpful friend of the Arcana had this to say:

It seems that once you have fought your way to the level 9 door/challenge and completed it, you can use keys to skip the combat and just get a level 9 win and the tokens that go with it. Only if you have a key and an attempt left, and only for the rest of that day.



For every 400 points you earn fighting in the Daily Tournament you will receive a Common Chest. They are locked so you will need to complete more Quests and earn more keys to open them. After you have opened 15 Event or Common Chests you can click on the “Epic Chest” tab to claim a special prize.

Epic Quest Tab

Everyone who participates in the Daily Tournament will receive a prize of gold coins. The amount will depend upon your position when the tournament ends. The top 20 players will receive cool stuff like wings and footprints. Good luck!

Survival Victory