The Tavern

Social Drinking

If you’re having trouble with a campaign location or dungeon you can always hire heroes that happen to be wandering through Grayhaven. You can do this by tapping them and selecting “hire”. This, however, is prohibitively expensive. A much better approach is to stock your tavern with friends and hire them, instead.


Choosing your Friends

If a hero has a power level that is lower or a tiny bit higher than yours you’ll be able to hire them for adventuring or enlist them as a partner in the arena. If they have a power level that is substantially higher than yours you can still invite them. Happily, they will be able to hire or enlist you. Sadly, you will not be able to hire or enlist them.

A good approach is to stock your tavern with both stronger and weaker friends. The stronger players will pay to hire and enlist you. You will hire weaker, or even slightly stronger, players to help you to defeat particularly difficult campaign locations. You will also enlist the most powerful friends you can to fight by your side in the arena.

Good Idea:

Invite some really weak players to your tavern. If you can clear an area without help, hire a friend who costs almost nothing to help you open the crystal chests. Summon them when you are ready to open the chest. See how long you can keep them alive. It’s fun! If you run the level in Autoplay it will all be done for you.

Finding Your Friends

Some people want to invite their real-life friends (if they have them) to their tavern. One way to do this is to give them your guild name. They can search for and join your guild. At that point you can find them on the guild roster then invite them to your tavern. The other way is to use Facebook. See below.

Finding Your Facebook Friends

There is a tab in the tavern that says “Friends”. You can use this tab to find your Facebook friends who are playing Guild of Heroes. If you don’t have any Facebook friends playing the game (or any Facebook friends at all) you can go to the Guild of Heroes Facebook site and make a few.


Now that you know what to look for you just tap the heroes wandering around Grayhaven. If they fit your criteria you can invite them to your tavern by tapping “invite”. An invitation will show up in their mailbox in town. They’ll have forty-eight hours to reply. If they accept they’ll show up on your list of tavern friends. You can fit twenty of these freaks in your tavern.

Hiring and Enlisting Friends

As everyone knows, the best kind of friends are the ones you have to pay for! Once your tavern starts to fill up you’ll be able to hire your friends for adventuring or enlist them as partners in the arena at a reduced cost. To hire a friend just go to the Tavern, pick a friend, and click “hire”. And guess what? They’ll be able to hire and enlist you! If you do this right it can work out quite well for everyone involved.

Guild of Heroes really wants you to hire friends. Since update 1.49.5 they’re sending reminders. They look like this:

Hire a Friend


Getting Paid

Death and taxes, they are inescapable. Even in the world of Guild of Heroes. When you hire or enlist a friend they will receive approximately 75% of what you pay. I have no idea why GoH wants to tax your payroll but they do.

Where’s my Money?!

You may notice that occasionally you will see on your Event Log that you had been hired and enlisted by the same player on the same day. You will have collected the first payment but not the second. You can only collect for both if you collect the first payment before your services are purchased a second time.

Crystal Chests








Yes, it costs money to hire friends to help you in campaign locations. The good news is that the developers of Guild of Heroes have thoughtfully placed crystal chests in most, but not all, locations. Look around and you’ll see them. They look like shiny cubes anchored to hexagonal frames in the ground with chains. These chests will dispense additional enemies, then extra gold, gear, and very high-quality manna stones, but only if you have hired a friend.

Important: You must tap or click on the chest to open it up. Your hired friend must be present. If you are using Autoplay with your hired friend activated this will all happen automatically. I’m embarrassed to say that I played this game for over three months before finding out about this!

Here’s what an open chest looks like:


Where are the Chests?

There are no crystal chests in the Farmlands or Windmill locations. There are no chests in the last (boss) level of any location. There are none in the dungeons. There are, however, crystal chests almost everywhere else.

Saying Goodbye

If someone hires you regularly you should definitely keep them as a friend. If you remove them from your tavern they can still hire you but you will not be able to collect payment.

On the other hand, they may get too powerful and stop hiring you. At that point it’s probably time to cut them loose and find some more appropriate friends in town. Some of your friends might not advance as fast as you do. These friends are slackers. They don’t visit Guild Arcana or watch their hero stats. Ditch ’em! If you’re going to feel guilty about it tell me and I’ll let them down easy for you. I’m good at that sort of thing.


11 thoughts on “The Tavern

  1. “You must tap or click on the chest to open it up. Your hired friend must be present. If you are using Autoplay with your hired friend activated this will all happen automatically.” You have to watch autoplay as sometimes this doesn’t happen. Your hired friend doesn’t activate and the chest won’t open. You have to stop autoplay, do it manually and re-start the autoplay. It’s annoying if you wander off, and come back to find your hired friend hasn’t activated and you have no manna stones.


  2. Currently I can see only 9 of my tavern freinds. I would like to dismiss a few at the bottom, but can’t scroll to see them.


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