Fighting in the arena is intense, exciting, and can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing. You can earn tokens to purchase gold, boosters, manna stones, and ability gems in the Arena store. Once you reach the Legendary League you’ll be able to buy those angel and bat wings that heroes in Grayhaven have growing out of their backs! Trust me. After you’ve won your first fight and have a bag of tokens in your hand you will be coming back for more. Read on.

How it Works

In the Arena you will be playing against real players and their partners. They will be controlled by the GoH servers. Your partner will be controlled by the GoH servers. You will not.

The Arena is two-on-two so you will need a partner, drawn from your Tavern or, since update 1.61.1, from the list of Top Players in the Arena. You can literally enlist the most powerful players in the game now. Unfortunately, that means that victory often goes to whoever can afford it.

Now it’s time to pick a fight. You’ll see three potential opponents and their partners. See the image below.

Select an opponent whose power level is comparable to your own. Never challenge opponents whose power level is significantly above your own. If you’re using boosters you can reach a little farther but be careful; if you lose the battle you will lose trophies. You will not lose your tokens. Once you win them they cannot be taken away.

Arena Matches

How to Pick a Fight

When you’re choosing an opponent you are probably most interested in your opponents partner. My partner is power level 103, power score 250,200 or so. He usually has five potions of vitality, five potions of strength, and a potion of vitality active. I look for opponents whose partner my partner can beat.

Check all three possible opponents. Check to see if they are using potions. If you can beat an opponent and your partner can beat their partner you should attack.

If you don’t see any likely opponents you can refresh the window and get three new ones. If you’re still not happy you can refresh again after two minutes. You can do this all day!

Fighting in the Arena

You can run arena battles on auto play or you can try a little fancy footwork instead. Attack whatever opponent did not activate a shielding ability. Gang up on an opponent by attacking whoever you opponent attacks. Run away and let your partner do the heavy lifting, then attack the weakest opponent. There are different strategies. If you have a good one let me know what it is!


Arena Leagues

The arena has seven leagues. You’ll start in the Bronze league and earn one arena token for every trophy. If you keep at it you’ll progress through the Silver, Gold, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst leagues until you finally reach…Legendary League. As you move through the leagues your token to trophy ratio will increase from 1:1 in the Bronze league to 1:22 in the Legendary league. You’ll be able to spend these tokens on high-level runes and ability gems, huge manna Stones, large piles of gold, and valuable boosters. This, in my experience, is the best way to get your hands on piles of loot without having to run dungeons or spend diamonds (real money) at the shop.



Deception was a serious issue in the Arena for a long time. Opponents or their partners would shed one or more pieces of gear, usually their head piece, chest piece, or both. This dropped their power level to the point where they looked like easy targets. They were not. They held on to their monstrously destructive weapons and used them for their intended purposes.

Everything changed with update 1.61.1. Now it’s all about who you can enlist as a partner. No one really bothers to power down anymore. Update 1.61.1 also let us click on our opponents and review their gear, their statistics, everything. If someone was powering down it would be obvious.

What are You Gonna Do?

The only thing you can do: enlist the most powerful players you can afford. Go to the Top Players tab in the Arena. Click on your favorite, then “invite”. The player will show up in your Tavern for 48 hours even if they don’t accept your invitation. Go back to the Arena. When you are selecting a partner click “more” to go to your Tavern. Enlist the monster and begin.

Top Players

You can learn a lot from the Top Players, even if you are not enlisting them. Look at the gear that they are using and the abilities they have chosen. You can learn a lot from the best. You should spend some time there. People often ask me which hero class is best. Take a look at the top ten Players in the Arena and you see which class is dominant. It changes whenever the Developers play around with the code.

Just So You Know

I defeated Satan in the Arena. It was easy. You’re welcome.

Defeating Satan

22 thoughts on “Arena

  1. I wish the developers would put a limit on how many times per day you can be attacked in the arena. I have been climbing the throngs far too long now, Bullsh@t. I have been attacked from midnight to midnight some 20 times or more per day nearly by bigger competition that I have no chance in revenge against. I fight back and only gain a little at a time if at all.


  2. The most annoying thing about the arena is that sometimes the game “hangs” or crashes mid-fight. When you log back on you have been defeated (you “conceded”) and lost trophies, and it counts as one of your 5 attacks. However these days you can’t hire a partner above your own power level so at least it’s not the person with the most gold wins.

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  3. I have a question. I’m relatively new to the game and spent a little time trying out the arena. It says you keep your partner for 24 hours. After that 24 hours who is your partner when you are attacked? I’ve had a couple matches appear where I’ve lost as defender but I haven’t got a current partner.


      1. The server would have to match the attacking pair against a defending pair, using your most recent partner. Otherwise it would be two on one.


  4. I’m a higher level player (Croatoan), that has benefited massively by following Philthy and this blog. Guild of Heroes is an amazing game! It is “alive”, and the frequent expansions that make the game so dynamic keep me coming back, eagerly spending time, and occasionally actual money!

    I can say without any hesitation that Arena battles are the most unpredictable and potentially infuriating aspects of the game. For better or worse, it favors subterfuge. Trickery. Flat out pretending to be something you are not.

    I respect the “gamers behind the the game” for programming the Arena to be a high risk vs. high gain gamble. I would like to see them actually promote it that way in the future. But today is today.

    I’d love to hear how other serious players legitimately alter, limit, or adapt themselves to get the best results from Arena battles!

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  5. Does arena ever have orange gear in the shop? I can’t remember if they have or not. I could really use some extra orange gear to grind up dust.


      1. Cheers boss. Finding new gear is great, grinding it up so it’s usable is not. I hope more orange things drop from somewhere in the game in the future. Getting stuck at evolve for a new piece of gear sucks.

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      1. What combinations have worked with you. I play wizard. I like wizard archer. I found that archer archer is super deadly.


      2. I like the combination of hand-to-hand and ranged. The warrior tends to absorb a lot of damage while the archer or mage attacks whoever the warrior is attacking. I have no idea if it’s really more effective, though. It’s all about accurately assessing your opponent, spotting opponents who have artificially lowered their power level. Knowing who is weak and who simply appears to be.


  6. What’s the cooldown time between stand battles? How long will I have to wait to regenerate 5 new fights after I’ve used my initial 5 up?


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