Aren’t They Cute!

Guild of Heroes understands. We need pets. They are friends, companions, and they ferociously attack our enemies when necessary. If you want one you need to visit the Beast Master, shown below.


She will kindly direct you to an island where you can find the pet of your choice. There are two classes of pets; dragons and stags. Dragons are best for hero power levels 26 to 86. Stags are best for hero power levels 40 to 118. There are four different areas; Lux, Umbra, Machina, and Anima. Pets from each area have distinct appearances and abilities. Travel to any one of these areas to battle enemies and find enough eggs to hatch a pet.


Make Them Strong

After you have hatched a pet you must return to the same area to find more eggs, chests with pet armor, and Spirit Stones. Your pet needs spirit stones to level up their skills. It needs eggs to evolve. It needs armor to increase its defense. Think you spend a lot of time with the Rune Master and Blacksmith now? You’re going to be there twice as often because now you need to upgrade runes and equipment FOR YOUR PET! Face it, Boss. You’re in for the long haul.


When you move through an area you will see spirits enter the bodies of enemies. You need to defeat them before the spirit leaves and enters a different enemy. If you are quick you will capture all the spirit stones. If you are slow some of the spirit stones will escape. It is a good idea to hire a partner to ensure that you capture as many spirit stones as possible.


Those Pets won’t Equip Themselves

Visit the Soaring Isles and work your way through all ten tiers of floating islands to win chests that contain pet armor. After you equip this armor you must insert runes, level runes, and level their armor using the Rune Master and Blacksmith in Grayhaven.


What Good are They, Really?

They’re actually pretty cool. You can bring them with you in Arena battles, campaign areas, dungeons. You can use them to open crystal chests without hiring a partner. They will fight by your side pretty much anywhere until they are killed in battle. Don’t worry. If that happens (and it will) you can use them after a cool down period. Your pet is going to be there for you. Best Friends Forever 🙂

Who’s Better, Who’s Best?

I don’t know but I’ve been told…(by Molly, if you must know) that some pets have an advantage over others in battle. She asserts the following:

Lux has advantage over umbra but is vulnerable to Machina
Umbra has advantage over anima but is vulnerable to lux
Anima has advantage over Machina but is vulnerable to umbra
Machina has advantage over lux but is vulnerable to anima
In the past I would typically check these kinds of things out before posting them. This time I am asking you, kind reader, to do the work for your aging pal, Philthy. Let me know what you find out!