04 September 2019

It’s been a long time, folks. I know. Philthy has been pursuing other interests and has neglected Guild Arcana. This, sadly, is not likely to change. Maybe I’ll check in and see if anything has changed. Who knows?

There are, however, two things I would like to share with you. First thing: the pets section has been updated to indicate the relative strengths of pets as they fight each other in the Arena. Second thing: for a short time the price of accessing the super-secret Guild War tutorial site has been reduced from $15 to a mere $6 USD! Act now while supplies last. Make a donation in that amount and I will send you the address and password to the site. Thanks!

Support Guild Arcana

You probably buy diamonds like there is no tomorrow. Why not send a few of those dollars to Philthy?


01 July 2018

The latest patch is being rolled out. Some platforms have it, some don’t. I don’t but here’s what I know:


I’ve heard that items in the Guild Shop have increased in price. This is okay by me because I have more guild coins than I know what to do with. If it’s a problem for you please let me know.

25 June 2018


The Dark Citadel update 1.63.7 (9d6) has arrived.

Most of the edits are complete here at guildarcana.com. It has been a week since the update arrived and I feel fairly confident about these thoughts and observations:

  • You can no longer enlist players above your power level in the Arena. Not to worry. You can still win if you know how. Enlist the strongest friend in your tavern (or the one using the most boosters). Check the power score (not power level) of each of your opponents. This will show their true power, whether they have dropped gear or not. Check to see if they are using boosters. Then decide if you can win.
  • The Healer limit has been increased to 40. If you have instant crafting, buy and sell healing potions until you can reach level 40 for the strongest potions possible.
  • Star Altar limit has been increased, probably to 30. Upgrade your Altar until it will always hold your rewards no matter what offerings you make. Selling scrap and dust is still the best way to make money in Guild of Heroes.
  • The Jeweler limit has been increased, probably to 30. Ugrading the Jeweler will allow you to store more manna. It may or may not have an effect upon the amount of manna required to upgrade abilities.
  • The Tower of Trials now has twenty-five tiers and one hundred floors. Just so you know! The maximum experience level has been raised to 230.
  • There are 23 new Tier 5 Abilities and three new Legendary sets (check The Map page) that create and expend fury charges for top-level damage and effects. All you need is one ability to start accumulating and using fury charges during battle. You will receive a fury charge for every critical hit once six gear items from the Legendary set is equipped. A counter resembling four diamonds will appear above your experience bar once the ability or gear items are equipped. Get angry!



For images of the Dark Citadel Legendary Sets and the latest Legendary Guild Sets visit The Map and the Guilds pages, respectively. I’m working on the latest Epic Tier 5 Abilities. I’ll have them all posted soon!

27 May 2018

I downloaded update 1.62.13 (1f0) this morning (27 May) and was pleasantly surprised to find that the storage chest in town has been expanded from two to three compartments! The first row will cost you 160 diamonds but, still…if you are a pack rat like me you will appreciate the extra space.

Guild War announcements are now included in your guild’s chat. When members join or leave, when wars and raids are activated, you will see the posts in your feed.

29 April 2018

Update 1.672.3 (9cf) was released yesterday. The most significant change is that we can now use inactive guild members as mercenaries during guild wars. Visit the Guild War page for details. Autoplay has become the default setting for guild raids, dungeons, and  campaign areas. The Developers have placed a percentage meter at the top of the guild raid screen that indicates the health of bosses. This makes it easier to control your damage during raids.


There are new audio clips for some of the shopkeepers in town. There are also meters for the Blacksmith and White Mage that indicate power score changes when abilities and gear are upgraded.

Tired of pressing the Autoplay button? The Guild of Heroes server now does it for you! Just select a dungeon or campaign location and off you go. Guild raids also default to Autoplay.

If being a “pirate” or “assassin” is your thing then you’ll love the new skins. They won’t do a thing for your power score but who doesn’t love to play dress up now and then?

30 March 2018

There have been many updates over the last several weeks. So many, in fact, that I stopped trying to keep track. One thing that has changed is that we can double the gold we earn from dungeons and campaign areas if we watch advertisements.

12 March 2018

Update 1.61.1 (bc9) was released late last week. I hope you are all enjoying the latest event in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. This is a holiday celebrated in the United States (and possibly Canada) honoring our Irish brothers and sisters. In Guild of Heroes it means combat in survival mode, chests full of swag, and the chance to win a nifty leprechaun suit!


These events are fun and I appreciate the opportunity to earn boosters and salvage gear. But here’s something you may not have noticed: you can now click on Arena opponents and their partners before you choose to attack. This makes powering down laughably obvious. If you have any doubt concerning your opponents true power all you need to do is look. You can see their gear, their statistics, everything.

The current challenge is hire a partner with a power score above 250,000. If you do that you can compete. If you don’t…you are going to struggle. I’d like to see how much gold is in the bank accounts of the top ten players. It must be staggering. Maybe they can buy Guild War island?

25 February 2018

The latest update, 1.60.3 (39b) was released a few days ago. I apologize to those of you who came here looking for information and were disappointed. It often takes a few days for me to determine what has changed.

Every significant is followed by several smaller updates. They are patches, really. This latest one, however, did result in some significant changes. Read on.

What Changed

The sharp reduction in player statistics dealt to us by 1.60.2 (8bf) was lessened. Autoplay once again uses your abilities in order from left to right. And the Arena, after a short period of sanity, was returned to its normal state of chaos and deception.

To make things even more interesting, we can now hire and enlist anyone, regardless of their power level. Even the lowliest hero toiling in the farmlands can hire a Power Level 103 demigod to fight for them in the Arena, provided they have the coin, of course!

Support Guild Arcana

You probably buy diamonds like there is no tomorrow. Why not send a few of those dollars to Philthy?


16 February 2018

The clouds have parted to reveal…Guild War island! Update 1.60.2 (8bf) has arrived. The centerpiece of this update is a real-time guild vs. guild battle platform. At the moment it is open only to level 18 guilds. Be patient! The developers will gradually make Guild Wars available to every guild level.

To improve pvp battles for both the Arena and Guild Wars some significant changes were made to equipment, runes, and abilities across all character classes. Change can be difficult but the developers will respond to feedback and make adjustments, as necessary. In the end we are going to have a game that is more fun, more rewarding, and even harder to put down.

I will keep Guild Arcana up to date as more information becomes available. It’s a lot a work but you can do your part by making a small donation today. Help Philthy out by sending a little gold his way!

Marching Off to War

Visit the brand-new Guild Wars page here at Guild Arcana for a description of the new system. It’s a capture-the-flag style battle platform playing out in real time between guilds. Victorious guilds will be rewarded with guild banners that provide various bonuses to all guild members for 24 hours after activation.

Guild Wars

A Balancing Act

Your power levels and hero statistics have been “balanced”. If you’d like an incredibly detailed description of the changes click ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here. I realize that it’s frustrating. You have spent hundreds of hours and possibly hundreds of dollars building up your hero. You have pushed deep into the campaign map and climbed high in the Tower of Trials. The developers have knocked you back a few steps. Don’t take it personally! It happened to everyone and was meant to even the playing field between the hero classes. The intent is to make player vs. player combat more enjoyable in the Arena and in the Guild Wars to come.

Give it Time

You will probably need to spend a few days (or several hundred diamonds!) restoring your critical hit chance %, evasion, resistance, and armor statistics to their former levels. I’m not happy about it either but the developers probably had their reasons for doing it. Let’s give it some time. The Guild Wars are going to be a lot of fun and the guild banner bonuses will surely put a smile back on your battle-scarred face!


Grayhaven Shop Boosters

There is a booster chest in the Grayhaven shop that can be purchased for manna. You probably already knew that. It used to contain two boosters. Now it has three! I just thought you would want to know.

07 February 2018

Will the new area be an island? It’s starting to look that way. The Developers can keep the updates rolling for another year if they move us off shore. Job security for them, more fun for us. It’s a win-win!

26 January 2018

Patch 1.51.5 (d25) was released today. It removes the Christmas decorations from Grayhaven and fixes an issue that people were having when they asked the blacksmith to update their runes.  Why were people bringing runes to the Smith? No idea. But it seems as though he wasn’t very good at upgrading them.

Earlier this month the Developers took questions from the Guild of Heroes community and posted the answers on line. They had to listen to a fair amount of whinging but, bless their hearts, they suffered through it and dropped several hints about what will be in the next major release! You can visit the GoH Facebook page to read the entire session. If you’re as lazy as I am you can just read the highlights below! The new release is expected to include:

  • “Real time” guild raids where members can attack as a group
  • An expanded storage chest in town
  • A new system for rating the strength of opponents in the Arena
  • A story line to explain about the Evil Wizard and his Dark Tower in the clouds…
  • Something “Really Cool” that they can’t wait for us to see!

OK, that’s all I have for now. The Developers say that the new update will be released “very soon”. In the meantime I suggest you keep grinding!

27 December 2017

Two updates have been released, 1.51.2 (552) and 1.51.3 (763) that seem to be adjustments to where Christmas goblins may be found. They are now roaming everywhere. You may still need to power down to force difficulty to extreme if you want to collect 25 keys from each goblin.

20 December 2017

It’s snowing in Grayhaven! Yes, it’s the much-anticipated (?) Christmas update. The Developers are celebrating by handing out gifts. Well, not exactly handing them out. You have to track down the Goblin Thief and knock a few keys out of him. Once you’ve done this you can open your gift chests. Merry Christmas!



The Goblin Thief seems to be spending a lot of time in the Stygian Depths. Remember? Those are the dungeons under the bridge. Higher level heroes can drop gear until the difficulty level becomes extreme. That way the Thief will drop 25 keys when you whack him! There have also been sightings south of the bridge, perhaps in the Ruined City or the Snowy Peaks. If you see him, let Philthy know!

15 December 2017

Update 1.50.4 (d9d), as far as I can tell, was released to address crashing issues. They were occurring frequently after the Hellfire release and now they’re not. Thanks, again, Developers!

08 December 2017

Update 1.50.3 (22a) has brought us a new region, Hellfire Mountain! It’s amazing.

Philthy on Hellfire Mountain



24 November 2017 – Update 1.49.7

This update was mostly to intended to remedy the crashes that were occurring in the Desert region. There were some other minor tweaks including an improvement in manna stone values. If you notice any other changes please let me know!

16 November 2017 – Update 1.49.5 released on Android

The word on the street is that the new update is good. Here it is in their own words:


Some of the most significant changes are described below.

Star Altar

Go to the Star Altar page for a full description. There is no more craft value bar. You simply offer two ability gems or gear items of the same color. The amount of resources you receive is based upon your offering but can be increased by selecting a higher difficulty level in the Star Arena. You can upgrade scrap and dust to higher level colors for gold. You can sell scrap and dust that you do not intend to use for gold.


Press the “Objective” button to open the Daily Quest panel and select the “Achievements” tab. There are a great many diamonds to be earned by passing milestones in the game! An exclamation point [!] will appear by the Objective button to let you know when you have met an achievement requirement.


Hiring Friends

Friends can be hired to open crystal chests from the map area. If you’ve forgotten to hire a friend before leaving Grayhaven you will be reminded before you leave town. If you ignore this reminder you can still hire a friend once you arrive at the crystal chest.

Perilous Oaks and Friend

A Few Other Changes I’ve Noticed…

  • Ability gems in your possession are being upgraded by one color level. Blue abilities have become purple, purple abilities are now orange, etc.
  • There is now an eight hour wait period after completing Master level campaign locations before the location can be entered again. Expert level campaigns have a four hour wait period, Adept levels a two hour period.
  • There is a convenient “Return to Town” button at the top of the campaign map so that you no longer have to scroll to the bottom of the map.
  • The craft value of many items found in chests and dropped by enemies has increased! This makes upgrading equipment so much easier. Thank you, Guild of Heroes!

A Sneak Peak at the New Area:


25 October 2017 – Update 1.48.14 released

This one is spooky! OK, it’s mostly a Halloween theme that fills Grayhaven with murky shadows, spider webs, and jack-o-lanterns. It’s nice. The reduction in manna required to update ability gems is even nicer! The details are listed below. Thanks, Larry!


22 October 2017 – Update 1.48.13 released on Android

Guild of Heroes support replied to my inquiry regarding the update. They explained that “this patch does not change anything major, it was just a small preparation for future updates”. A cryptic response, in my opinion. They didn’t give any hint as to what the future updates might be.

I’m tempted to speculate but I’m going to resist the urge. As always, new information will be posted here at Guild Arcana as it becomes available. Thanks for stopping by.

02 October 2017 – Update 1.48.12 released on everything but iOS (they’re slow)The Developers at Guild of Heroes continue to respond to player feedback. Say what you want about them but at least they’re listening! This has been a tumultuous couple of weeks in Grayhaven. It’s safe to say that mistakes were made but I think with this latest patch we are finally coming out of the darkness and into the light.

I could paraphrase what the GoH Customer Management team told me but I’m pretty lazy so I’ve posted their message below.


Update 1.48.10 Press Release of 28 September 2017



Facebook Link —> Guild of Heroes
Long-winded Editor’s Review of 1.48.6 and 1.48.8

The 1.48.6 upgrade went live on September 20th, 2017 and hit the Guild of Heroes community like Torag Man-Eater on a bender. We had been waiting months for a new area and it had finally arrived in the form of the Endless Swamp. But what else were we getting? Difficulty options were added to each campaign area and the number of dungeons increased from one to three. The Star Altar became a mandatory stop off for those looking to evolve equipment and ability gems. And the Grayhaven economy was shaken to its core by runaway inflation. Power levels, rune valuations, and the cost of doing any kind of business went from being measured in the hundreds to the thousands, and then to the tens of millions.

The reviews have been mixed. There is a lot to like in the new release but the release of the Star Altar could have been handled differently. In the time-honored tradition of Guild of Heroes, it was introduced with very little explanation. This may be part of the GoH mystique but it left many players confused and many more upset with the required costs and the level of difficulty encountered in the Star Arena.

Many of the changes, while welcome, seem to cater to veteran players. They have been given new worlds to conquer including expert and master difficulty levels, two new dungeons in each area, and the Endless Swamp. The Star Altar transports these capable warriors, archers, and mages to a new and challenging battle platform, the Star Arena. These are all positives, especially for higher level players, until things go a little sideways.

The central problem is the excessive and misguided increase in the cost of leveling up. To be fair, the intention might have been to increase the scope of the game, to make it more challenging, to provide an experience that would last for months (or years). In an effort to ensure that the committed player does not get bored or run out of things to do the developers have made it so expensive and time-consuming to level up that it is almost completely out of reach.

Legendary gear must now be leveled up twelve times before it can be evolved to a single star. The amount of evolution resources required for evolving is astronomical. Unfortunately the new requirements apply not only to the best of the best but to the rest of us as well. The cost to level any kind of gear has increased ten fold. Was this a mistake that will corrected or simply a gross miscalculation? Time will tell if fans of Guild of Heroes will adjust to the new reality or leave for games that offer greater rewards for their investment of time and money.

The developers were almost immediately hit with a wave of feedback. To their credit they responded by releasing 1.48.8 on September 23rd, 2017. Players no longer need to fill the craft value bar to activate the Star Altar. The inflated valuation of runes was reversed, and a number of bugs were addressed. While these were steps in the right direction, the developers must work harder to relieve the sense of futility that has been growing in the Guild of Heroes community since the release of 1.48.6. The new area is amazing. The Star Altar has real potential. The additional dungeons will keep things interesting for a good long while. But sadly, the cost may be too high.

37 thoughts on “Updates

  1. I don’t like the Crystal Bane event, having to craft bandages before you can “escort the wagon”, the requirements get higher with each go and 16 possible options before you might get the piece of outfit you need (with more and more escorting the wagon for each try). Much harder to get both outfits than the previous festival, and much more time consuming.


      1. It’s a shame you don’t play any more, as this site is/was so useful. The latest event is quite a bit better, I think they responded to criticsm about how much of a grind the last one was. However they have at the same time changed warrior’s “stun” effects to last much longer and unbalanced the game. With good resistance and evasion, plus resistance and evasion potions, also health potions as good as I can get them, two stuns in a row (so my potion hasn’t recharged) and I’m dead. Makes warrior dungeon bosses unbeatable at even a little over my level whereas archers and wizards even 4 levels above are beatable.


      2. It’s about time! Wizard used to be the most powerful hero. Then the Archers had their turn. As a warrior it almost makes me want to come back. Almost. I’m still not willing to grind for a month just to equip a new gear item. Maybe if the guild shop prices come back down…


      3. Guild shop prices have changed, might not help you. “- The formula of prices in the Guild Shop has changed. Now things which can bring a special considerable benefit for a player will be more expensive. At the same time things which are generally used for upgrading of other things will become cheaper. This change should improve a situation when the low-level player could buy cheap high-level equipment having entered a top guild.”

        Changes to warriors: ” – Stun time from warrior abilities from Shield Blow group is increased.

        – Damage for Warrior abilities is increased by 10-15%

        – Duration of protective warrior aura is increased up to 12 seconds.”


  2. The recent update made it possible to “buy” daily quests using diamonds instead of completing them (with a big Buy button than can be accidentally pressed quite easily). I don’t like these changes. Quests have to be earned else they are not quests.


  3. So as for the latest update, I think it’s worth mentioning auto play now starts automatically when starting a campaign/fight. Also the new mercenary feature…anyone check this out yet? I did notice this update fixed the glitch with the warriors “Double Charge” ability-you can once again use it immediately IF your attack kills a foe. Several people in global chat we’re having this issue. And last to mention. ..it seems those who have yet to update are seen in town running around ‘naked’ meaning no armor, weapons, or abilities. Anyway that’s what I’ve noticed and hopefully someone can elaborate on the new mercenary feature. Happy playing all!


    1. Thanks, S. J. It usually takes me a few days to update the arcana after an update. I’ve been testing the new mercenary function and will post what I’ve found out today.


  4. Great tip about clicking on the opponent’s icon when deciding who to battle in the arena – any idea what the small tunic icon that is sometimes there in the top right corner of any of the armour or weapons slots represents? I’m thinking maybe it means they actually have better gear than what is visible but don’t know for sure…


      1. A couple of days into the Christmas update and I’ve encountered a Christmas Gremlin only once! Can’t see myself being able to open a single chest never mind 15 in order to access an Epic Chest!


    1. I’m not able to access Guild Island yet, and the drop in stats was a bit of a shock, but I am cautiously optimistic. With some stockpiled runes, I gained back quite a bit of my “former glory” in a few hours of play. And maybe it’s me, but so far the arena seems MUCH better balanced and predictable.

      One of the reasons I stick with GOH is that the developers tweak, expand and improve the game so frequently, and I’m pretty confident this new update will continue the tradition.

      Thanks to Philthy for all the time and hard work that goes into Guild Arcana. I’ve massively improved my game because of it, and always pop by whenever an update or change occurs to get some sound information and opinion.

      (aka Croatoan)


    1. Mine is 1.50.5(22a) but I know a patch was just released. No major changes that I can see. Probably just intended to fix bugs and the frequent crashes that were occurring. If I find information I will post it. Thanks!


  5. Halloween has been over for quite a while. I’m interested to see what happens. I’ve been hanging in, but just barely. The insane upgrade costs are game-breaking.

    I like to think I’ll get rewarded for toughing it out with the next update or two. We’ll see what they do.


    1. Rumors are that a new update is coming soon. It will fix some issues people have been having with the blacksmith. I’m hoping that they will increase the frequency of higher craft value equipment drops. It’s hard to meet a 21,000 cv requirement when all you are getting are 2,800 cv tribal rings…


      1. 21K is nothing for higher items. The costs go up to 100K+ – good luck fitting that into those 6 equipment slots.


  6. Update 1.48.13 .. i got for advertising in version 1.48.08 gold 40 000. After update on 1.48.13 i have for advertising only 30 000 gold


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