The Map

Where the Magic Happens

This is where you are going to spend most of your time. Yes, you will battle other players in the Arena. You and your guild friends will conduct raids. You will do all kinds of business in Grayhaven. But you’ll spend most of your time exploring and conquering “campaign locations” and their dungeons using the map. Do you recognize this woman? She is going to show you the way.


Difficulty Levels

Each campaign location has four difficulty levels (Recruit, Adept, Expert, and Master) that can be selected before you begin. As you would expect, the better equipment and ability drops are found at the higher difficulty settings. Complete the first dungeon to unlock the Expert difficulty levels. Complete the second dungeon to unlock the Master difficulty level. Don’t forget to hire a friend to help you to open crystal chests and conquer difficult levels and bosses.


Campaign Locations

Scroll down to view the campaign locations and their dungeons. The Legendary sets found in these dungeons are also shown. The statistics represent the sets found in the third and most difficult dungeon except for those found in the Endless Swamp. At the moment the second dungeon is as far as I can get!

Farmlands, Windmill


Foreboding Burrows I, II, and III: 6 levels

No Legendary Sets

Forest Trail, Forest Shrine, Overgrown Ruins


Buried Passageways I, II, and III: 7 levels

No Legendary Sets

Desolate Streets, Ancient Road, Ruined Tower, City of Ruin


Forgotten Catacombs I, II, and III: 13 levels

Gilded Harness

Azure Wind

Vengeful Glacier

Frigid Foothills, Snowy Slopes, Frozen Peaks, Deadly Descent


Abandoned Mines I, II, and III: 13 levels

Storm Armor

Crimson Mark

Bear Roar

The World Bridge, High Seas Crossroads, Vanguard Encampment


Stygian Depths I, II, and III: 13 levels

Warlord Aspect

Zhu's Ingenuity


Mistwood Edge, Grim Grove, Gloom Glade, Hunting Grounds


Den of the Accursed I, II, and III: 13 levels

Blessing of the North


Battlemage Tactics

Parched Badlands, Forsaken City, Crumbling Ruins


Underground Labyrinth I, II, and III: 13 Levels

Champion of Light

Wyvern Blood

Lightning Eidolon

Murky Wetlands, Sunless Quagmire, Swamp Dwelling, and Marsh of Shadows


Submerged Temple I, II, and III: 13 Levels

Bonds of Brotherhood

Devil's Trick

Enlightened Unity

Volcanic Wastes, Lava Chasm, Cinder Slopes, Gilt-peak Village

Hellfire Mountain

Basalt Caverns I, II, and III: 15 Levels

Non-Legendary sets that can be found in Hellfire Mountain chests are Gryphon, Seraph, and Bloodmoon. The Legendary sets are here:

Frostborn Regalia

M - Guild Shop

Thunderlord Splendor

Citadel’s Bestiary, Teleportation Halls, Arcane Laboratory, Dark Castle Pinnacle


The Abyss I, II, and III – 15 Levels

Shogun's Glory


Sensei's Wisdom







44 thoughts on “The Map

  1. Is possible that we can find keys in One Shot at any location. Sometimes I just opened dungeon rooms as previous campaign dungeon room pattern and it worked. Can you plz help? I have doubt that room keys are always on fix room but not random ..


  2. Hey Phil, first of all great job keep it up 🙂

    Secondary I am new to the game noted u can’t go wrong no matter which class u choose and that this game is grind asf

    However tried to get some beginners footage tbh like which spells to grind on the early game for easy progression I am archer since I got early just drops for him wanted to go mage but wasn’t able to get gear… So yeah will stick with it for now

    Any input would be great as it is really hard to get forward I am lvl 22 or something and only powerlevel 9 will Grind atm to get the dungeons first legendandaries asap but as mentioned am not sure which spells to get to make it a bit easier Ty in advance


      1. I reached and mastered the final area. The only thing left was mindless grinding, hundreds of hours of grinding between PL104 and the highest levels I had seen at the time (around PL115). The developers had also radically increased the cost of items in the guild shop. This meant that every equipment upgrade would require leveling up four or five green or blue weapons. It was going to take forever to make noticeable progress. So I bailed.


      2. Oh and should I even care to get azure set or just stick with upgraded blues until I can defeat the frozen peak set?

        Guess get azure upgrade it when I can and then get to set 3?

        Or run azure set not upgraded until I can get hold of set 2?


      3. Use the best you can find, keep upgrading your gear and spells and replace as you find better stuff. There’s no definitive “best” it’s all personal preference. As Philthy says it’s all about grinding. Keep grinding until you can get to the next area/dungeon/level and then the one after. Most of the drops are pretty random anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. All right after one week eventually I get my first set items and just can agree without diamonds it is absolutely random

        1st item chest 6
        2nd item chest 1
        3rd item chest 11!
        4th item not for yet 3 chests opened let’s see lol actually my power is fine for the next stage so I will just keep it going :-/

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello does anyone know if there is a site or somewhere where I can see all the legendary gear. I just my wizard legendary head gear and I’m trying to get it back. Thanks


  4. Hey guys!
    Great site so far, but i have a little annoying problem.
    Everytime i have a daily quest like “Kill Narghaash, Orc Commander on Master” i have to guess where this boss was and in often end up playing through a couple of maps to find the boss i need.
    Is there any indicator or list on where the bosses are?


      1. I tried that button and it opened up the map, but i haven’t seen and exact pointer or so which stage exactly.
        But i’ll give it another try, thanks so far!


  5. Does anyone know what the Power Level, Offense and Defense displayed in the Legendary Sets page? For example, the Gilded Harness has these:
    – Power: 34 (926k)
    – Offense: 13.8k
    – Defense: 47.4k

    Does these mean the set’s stats when fully upgraded or what stats you require to complete the dungeon to get the sets?


  6. Hey Guys, question regarding legendary sets in dungeons. So I assumed three sets, 3 levels of dungeons, so the type of set was specific to a level of dungeon. On the world bridge now, got a complete set of Zhu’s Ingenuity from level 1, was gonna move on, but then noticed in Level 2 a better set of Zhu’s Ingenuity. So is it random which sets get assigned to each level?


  7. Hey Philthy,

    again, thanks for the great resources.
    I am at the point where I’m stuck with my spells, i’m farming the bridge in adept and expert atm however i always drop legendary archer and mage spells but never warrior…

    When i hit upgrade at the mage in the city he points to specific locations to get the next version of a specific spell, I.E. to upgrade whirlwind of blood i have to complete “City of Ruin”, do you find is to be correct? or abilities are just randomly put into the chests?

    Perhaps I am just very unlucky with my drops?



    1. Don’t listen to the Mage! He doesn’t have any idea where the spells (abilities) are. Keep clearing the most difficult map areas, hire friends to help if you need to. Fight in the Arena. Some of the best abilities can be found in the Arena store.


      1. thanks, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing basically lol

        i feel like warrior are such underpowered sometimes but well, whatever man!


  8. Max levels on the beginner dungeons is:
    Foreboding Burrows I, II, and III is level 6
    Buried Passageways I, II, and III is level 7
    Forgotten Catacombs I, II, and III is level 12
    Abandoned Mines I, II, and III is level 12

    If you are in the dungeon III, it doesn’t show you when hit the bottom, but when you find the chest it does not advance to the next level (the doors close and it lets your re-run the level over and over). However, you can check dungeon I or II to see what level it unlocks the new difficulty, and this will be the same level as the maximum on dungeon III.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am now on Forgotten Catacombs II level 14 and I still can’t get the area to open up on master or get Forgotten Catacombs III to open up. Forgotten Catacombs I only went to level 12. Has something changed?


  9. Is there any way to get links to the equipment stats for each of the dungeon sets? I’d like to compare it to items found in the store to see if it’s worth running the dungeon or not. Also, I want to see if I should get gear from a master level dungeon or move on the next dungeon if the gear is better and easier to get. I imagine it would be easy to compile for one who already has the master level dungeons unlocked. Thanks.


    1. Hi Matt. It would be easy for such a person but, unfortunately, I have only a few of the master dungeons unlocked. This sounds like a good idea but a lot of work. I would have to find every chest containing a legendary item in all three dungeons of each area between the Ruined City and the Endless Swamp. The best I can do for now is to promise to look into it. Thanks!


      1. Once you unlock the master level dungeon, there is a link at the top of the dungeon list that shows the dungeon set and all it’s stats. You don’t have to actually find each piece. I’m working on unlocking the master dungeons but I’ve only got a couple unlocked so far. It’s taking a while. Thanks for looking into it though. I appreciate it.


      2. I have unlocked the Master level dungeons in the Snowy Peaks, World Bridge, and the Dark Forest (with the spiders). Which ones do you have?


  10. Is there something wrong with the Grim Grove, boss I can get him down to 20-25% health solo but even with a friend I can never get his health bar lower than that, and I was fighting for a full 2:17 seconds after getting down to 25%


    1. I just ran through it on the “Master” setting and had no problems. Contact the Customer Management team through Facebook Messenger at the GoH FB site if the problem persists.


      1. Thanks I restarted my phone and I breezed through it this morning. It was weird, as a wizard, it was like all the shots went over the bosses head and did not connect.


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