An Uncomfortable Look in the Mirror

How powerful are you, really? Not very when you’re just starting out but we’ll soon remedy that!

The real answer to that question is in the numbers. When you clear campaign locations and dungeons the change will be reflected in your experience level. When you equip or level up your gear, upgrade runes, or evolve abilities it will improve your power score.  These and many other stats describe how powerful your hero has become.

Many a hero has been laid low thinking that all they needed to dominate in the dungeons was some fancy gear. If these paper dragons had studied their stats their true strengths (and weaknesses) would have been obvious. If you want to conquer campaign locations and dungeons, clear higher floors of the Tower, compete in the Arena, and make a name for yourself in your guild you must understand and develop every aspect of your hero. To do this you need to watch your stats.

Your Statistics – Pay Attention!

Base Damage and Armor


Base Damage and Armor are shown to the right of your hero’s image. They are determined by the quality and leveled condition of your weapons and armor. Runes and abilities will multiply these values so you want your base values high as you can get them.

Level and Offense Stats

Pressing the “i” above your hero’s image will hide your inventory and display the rest of your hero’s statistics. These numbers determine how you will perform out in the field. Your General and Offense stats are:

  • XP
  • Gear level
  • Skill level
  • Attack speed
  • Damage per second (DPS)
  • Critical Chance %
  • Critical Damage %

Each one of these is described below. Don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit!

Offense Stats

XP, Item Level, & Skill Level

These three numbers are a great way to quickly assess a hero. Gear and skill levels should be as high or higher than your experience level. If they are not, these things are being neglected. That’s okay for other players. It’s not okay for you or the players you hire, enlist, or accept into your guild.

Attack Speed & Damage per Second

Upgrading rings and gloves will increase your attack speed and, by extension, your damage per second (DPS). The faster you strike, the more damage you will do. Attack speed is one half of a deadly equation. I get excited just thinking about it!

Critical Chance % and Critical Hit Damage %

Every so often your hero will score a critical hit that will do a lot more damage than a non-critical hit. Your critical chance % lets you know exactly how often this will happen. This percentage is dictated by helmets, amulets, and critical hit runes. The maximum critical chance value is 30%.

Your critical hit damage % is the factor by which your damage will be multiplied when you land a critical hit. This value is determined by your gear (breastplates and shields for warriors).

Defense Stats

Scroll down to see your Defense statistics. They are:

  • Armor
  • Damage Reduction %
  • Evasion
  • Dodge Chance %
  • Resistance
  • Effect Reduction %

I’m going to explain these, too.


Armor and Damage Reduction %

Your armor value is the same as the armor value shown to the right of your hero’s image. It is determined, oddly enough, by the quality and level of your armor! Your Damage Reduction % indicates how much damage your armor will absorb when you are hit. The better your armor, the less damage you will take.

Evasion and Dodge Chance

These values will help you to automatically dodge incoming attacks. You’ll notice that during battles you will occasionally see the word “dodge” appear over your hero. This is your evasion rune doing what it is supposed to do. Dodging attacks is even better than absorbing attacks with your armor because you will take no damage at all. Evasion runes are good things to maintain. Your evasion runes are active during both manual and auto play.

Resistance and Effect Reduction %

Resistance determines how long you will stay down after getting hit by a power attack. Power attacks are the enemy attacks that are telegraphed in orange a moment before the attack begins. These attacks include orc clubs, giant kicks, wolf charges, wraith lightning strikes, and many others. If you are knocked down by one of these attacks you will hear the sound of birds tweeting merrily while your enemies are stomping the life out of you. These values are important and are determined by the status of your resistance runes and gear, like rings, that contribute to your resistance score.

Defense Stats at a Glance

The designers of this game have helpfully provided a color-coded indicator for your armor, evasion, and resistance stats. If these values are good they will be displayed in green, if adequate they will be off-white, if inadequate they’ll be yellow, and if they’re red you’ve got some serious work to do.

Why did My Stats Go Down?!

So, you’ve been grinding away for weeks, upgrading your gear, runes, and abilities when you notice that your Damage Reduction, Dodge Chance, and Effect Reduction percentages are lower than the last time you checked them. Frustrating, isn’t it? Let me explain what has happened.

If you click the “i” next to your offense or defense stats you will see how you compare to a monster of a certain level. The strength of this hypothetical monster, and the strength of the actual monsters you encounter in the game will increase as you complete dungeons and as your power score increases. The game gets harder and your statistic drop. Your are more powerful, but your enemies are too. Welcome to the grind!


It’s not so bad. Upgrade your gear, runes, and abilities. Gain experience by defeating enemies. Your power will continue to grow. And every so often the monsters will adjust to keep things interesting. If this didn’t happen the game would be too easy, right?







47 thoughts on “Power

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      1. I have been playing Fallout Shelter and Day R Survival. Enjoying the (temporary) lack of social interaction 🤣 Also reading “Cold Mountain” and “Thirteen Moons” by Charles Frazier. Fantastic!


    1. On power level rating. More recently in game power levels now as high as 155.
      There are some major advantages in game to keeping a lower power level. Many players are accomplishing this by keeping their attack levels lower by using weaker than normal or no chest armor reflection rune and also no evasion runes lowers power. Without them and with high attack abilities a player could be power 100 but fighting effectively as a power 105. Also once your power level goes up u can think of it as a benchmark which the game sets certain equations to.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Isnt this some kind of cheating thou and is this even allowed? My guild have encountered this kind of players in regatta and its annoying.


  3. I realize that Power score can change based on several factors, but I’ve noticed a few times that my power has gone down while running a level! I did not level up. I may have been upgrading equipment, but could that make a difference (I obviously didn’t equip it!)?


  4. How can I improve my health score (the number next to the heart when you bring up your inventory)? I’m at level 188 and it is only 76.0 m. I think improving this will increase my chances in the arena.


  5. I have a question. I’m stuck on whether to max my current weapon or start upgrading a new stronger weapon. Both are legendary five star. Any idea what percentage of the max attack they reach at each of the five evolutions?


  6. So, I’m trying to reach the next Power achievement (“Need power 15”). I’m at power 16 (at least that’s the number showing on my equipment page), yet the achievement still shows 14/15. Please explain what exactly is required?


    1. Your power level is the number above your head to the left of your power score. If you are looking at the right number but are still having the same problem it is probably a technical issue that Customer Support will have to address.


  7. I like that we can see power values changes in green when they go up and red when they go down. Any idea why I see my power level go down during battles against bosses in dungeons though?


  8. Great site- I got my crit up to 10% and it is going down again- it is now 7.1 and my evasion and resistance is red-
    My xp lvl is 59 my items lvl is 78 and my skill lvl is 75- My power level is 34-

    Beating areas 2 more than my level are now super hard- Also my even challenge went from lvl 28 to 36- I can only beat it 1 out of 3 times- Any tips?


    1. As your hero gets stronger your opponents also increase in strength. Find a floor in the Tower of Trials that you can complete without using boosters. Run it over and over, using the rune fragments you win to get your critical chance, evasion, and resistance stats up into green territory.


  9. hi all, one question, lvl 89 items 110 atack rune L 4mln (max 5.25), 14mln life, E,R,H runes all lvl 14 systematically upgrading, my power growing up still at the moment lvl 55, spells around 1mln C chance grow to 3.6k ,but my DPS grow a bit…between 1.1-1.3k i dont get it? lot of upgrades, bot a bit change between xp lvl maybe 9lvls.K


      1. Rings and Gloves increase your attack speed. Level those up and your damage per second will increase. Leveling up your weapon and anything that affects critical damage like shields and chest armor will also increase DPS. Attack runes affect DPS. Abilities that cause damage will affect DPS. Make sure that your critical hit chance is always at the 30% maximum value. Okay?


      1. Powerful question though, then you think about it. It went from the worst thing in the game to a great thing in the game. That’s fantastic!


  10. I like that they just give you a ‘power number’ now. Mine went from 64 to 63 with the most recent update, but upgrading your gear is MUCH easier, so it’s back up to 64.

    High level ability gems are still super high cost. One I have on 4 star is almost 100 Million mana per upgrade.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. ” The percent by which armor will reduce damage done to you increases with the quality and level of your armor and decreases as gaining experience causes you to level up. ”

    Untrue! It is just that when you level up, it compares your stats to a higher level of monsters, hence lowering your %.


    1. The truth is in there somewhere. Defensive stats don’t always drop when you level up. They seem to drop when your health hits certain plateaus. Sometimes this happens when you receive a health bonus from leveling up. Sometimes it happens when you level up your health rune. And yes, it happens because the strength of your enemies increases as a result of this not-particularly-visible “health leveling”.


    1. I think you’re referring to your power level. It’s influenced by everything! Your gear, Runes, ability gems, and how high these are leveled. Experience reflects how many enemies you have defeated and the daily quests you have completed that award xp bonuses.


    2. When your experience level goes up your health increases but the strength of your opponents also increases. For this reason your stats will actually decrease when you level up!


      1. I see what your saying but . . . I was referring to skill level. Under the “i” you have XP Level, Item Level and Skill Level. In your write up you state the “Gear and skill levels should be as high or higher than your experience level”.
        Er . . . how do you minimize experience?


      2. I take that back! I recorded all of my stats before collecting 35% xp bonuses from daily quests. There was no change. Stats are linked to health points, not xp.


  12. I’m pretty new to the game. I am really confused on what class I want to focus on. I was hoping you could help me out. I want to focus on pve and guild raids. From your site I know Mage is middle of the road, and warrior is tank. From your vast experience in the game would you recommend any class to me? I like them all equally, but I don’t know what end game looks like.


    1. All classes have equal potential. Go to the Arena and open the “Top Players” tab. You’ll see the most powerful players on the planet. There are warriors, archers, and mages in the top ten.


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