You should absolutely join a guild. As a guild member you can attack and defeat raid bosses, earn guild coins, and buy gear at the guild shop. You’ll also interact with actual human beings that you tell jokes to, complain about, and learn from. It’s a good time.

Recruit Guild Members on the Active Guilds page

This is a new feature at Guild Arcana. Don’t feel like using Global chat to find new members? Make a $3 donation and post your guild’s name and level here! Leave a comment on the Active Guilds page at any time to keep your guild information up to date.

Joining a Guild

Guild Gate

Joining a guild is easy. If you’ve reached experience level 17 all you need to do is head to the left side of Grayhaven, approach the guard at the guild gate and give him a tap. Use the search tab to find a guild. Hit “join” and you’re in! If the guild status is closed you must submit a request to join. You might be accepted, you might not.

After you’ve joined a guild you will want to get down to business. This means participating in a raid. Head to the back of the guild area. If there is a bit of mist then a raid is not currently active. If you see a swirling vortex then the raid is on. Jump in and start swinging! Each player enters alone and deals damage. When the guild’s cumulative damage reaches 100% the boss is defeated. Anyone who’s done at least 3% damage gets paid. The top three damage-dealers are awarded additional coins.

Flaming Emberwolf

Only the guild leader or an officer can call a raid. After the raid boss is defeated all members must wait for six hours before the next one starts. Efficient guilds have enough officers to keep raids rolling around the clock. Looser guilds do not. I prefer the former. Guild leaders have access to a handful of time tokens that can be used to start raids immediately. These must be used sparingly because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Guild Shop

Guild Shop

Now that you’ve got a few coins you’ll want to spend them! Every guild has a shop. The only currency accepted at these shops are coins earned by participating in raids. You’ll find only gear at the guild shop, but it tends to be high quality stuff. Guilds level up by having successful raids. Higher level guilds can hold more members and will have better gear in their shops.

Let’s say that you have earned many coins defeating bosses but want to leave your guild. The officers are lazy, the members are greedy, the leader does nothing…no problem. You can take all of your guild coins with you.

Starting a Guild

If you can’t find a guild you like or can’t get into one you can always start your own. Any level 17 hero with enough gold can start their own guild. It’s rewarding. You should try it. It’s also tedious, frustrating, and will make you question the wisdom of interacting with your fellow human beings!


It costs 25,000 coins to start a guild but the true cost is in time and effort. If you want to fill your guild with active members you must be ready to work for it. The most common way to recruit members is to use global chat to let people know that you’re recruiting. Post the name of your guild, your guild level, and the minimum experience or power level you are willing to accept. Set your guild to “open” and wait.

You should also check global chat regularly. There are always players asking questions about the game. Help them. People appreciate it when you help them. They will probably be more likely to join your guild if you do.

This may seem obvious but your most likely recruitment candidates are those who are actively looking for a guild in global chat. They might not have the power level you are looking for but these players are clear opportunities. Respond in global or private chat. Tell them where to find your guild. If they are too strong or too weak, send them to your friend’s guilds. Your friends just might return the favor.

Maintaining Your Guild

Once you’ve filled your guild you can sit back and enjoy it, right? Wrong. It takes a while to fill a guild but it takes much longer to promote officers, weed out the inactive, uncommunicative, and selfish members and to maintain a range of power levels appropriate for your current raid level. Let’s talk about this last point.

There will always be members who level up more quickly than others. If you recruit ten members that are similar in power levels you can be sure that in two weeks time they are going to be all over the place. Some members will level very slowly because of inactivity or a poor grasp of how to level up. Other members know exactly how to level up and are willing to spend large amounts of diamonds on gear chests, rune chests, and boosters at the Grayhaven shop. The result is that some players will struggle while others will be bored.

The point is that if you don’t manage your power level spread you can lose members to other guilds. You have a few options, here. You can coach your weaker players (send them to this website!) so that they advance more quickly, you can trade players with other guilds, or you can do nothing and let members on the edges work it out for themselves.

Guild Rules

There are probably competitive guilds where all members are encouraged to do as much damage as possible. It could work. The top three damage-dealers (or two, or one) would get bonuses and the weaker players would get nothing. Sound like fun? Not to me, but if you have a guild you can make your own rules.

This is how it works in my old: all members are required to limit their first three attacks to 20% total damage. After the first three attacks members must wait one hour and fifty minutes before they can attack again (Guild of Heroes rule, not mine). As long as everyone follows the rules most members will get a chance to cross the 3% damage threshold, ensuring that they will collect coins once the boss has been defeated. Once the cool down period has expired members are free to do as much damage as they like if the boss has not been defeated. This strikes a balance between giving everyone a chance and having a guild environment where ambitious players can still be competitive. It also helps to bring raids to a timely close so that a guild may complete more raids.

How to Hit Weak Bosses without Making them Cry

If you are too strong for the boss you have a few options. You can nuke the boss but that will get you kicked out of my guild in a heartbeat. A better option is to shed gear or equip off-class gear to make it interesting. If you’re a warrior, try fighting as a mage for a while! Or you can hit the boss a few times then run around in circles slaying minions until the time runs out. The cleanest way to participate in raids without doing too much damage, especially if you need raids to complete your daily quest, is to enter the vortex, hit the boss a few times, hit the pause button in the top right corner and simply return to town.

Cooperation Between Guilds

There are literally thousands of guilds. Some would say there are too many! Some are incredibly powerful, some have only a single member. Although guilds generally operate independently there are many opportunities for cooperation. I strongly recommend signing up for chat services like Line chat and joining any number of Guild of Heroes communities. This will make it far easier to make contacts with lots of experienced players and guild leaders. You will get to see faces, make friends, and make deals!

Powerful guilds can send players to weaker guilds to help them with raid bosses when they in over their heads. Weaker players can temporarily join stronger guilds to take advantage of the higher-quality gear at their shops. You can pop into a more powerful guild any time you like as long as its status has been set to “open”. Otherwise you’ll have to ask to join and wait for a response.

Guilds of all strengths can exchange members in an effort to narrow the range between their strongest and weakest players. Maintaining a reasonable range enables all members in a guild to fully participate in raids, be competitive, and earn coins.

Legendary Sets in the Guild Shop

Once guild members reach power level 95 and/or are in a level 16 or higher guild they will have access to three exclusive Legendary sets in the guild shop. These latest sets were included in the “Dark Citadel” 1.63.7 (9d6) update.







Growing Guilds

If you’re looking for a good level 9 guild try: Lazy Dragons!

Make a donation of $3 to add your guild name to the list.

66 thoughts on “Guilds

  1. Hi, Philthy,
    Left a post in your personal page.
    I’m having trouble entering a Guild Raid. I’ve seen 2 members of my guild enter, but I only have the swirling mist, not the vortex.
    Or am I missing something completely about how to do this?


    1. I’m pretty sure either the leader or the officers must schedule a raid so you have to communicate. They need to message the guild members to let them know when the raid will begin. It’s also helpful to agree on damage limits so everyone gets a chance.


      1. My problem is that there does seem to be a raid on. I’ve actually seen all the other members of the guild enter and leave, but I can’t get in when they do.


  2. How do u invite someone to ur guild? Our guild is open so do they have to do the joining themselves?

    Also where can we advertise our guild, ‘The Hidden Wizard” other than in public chat.? I sent a donation to your site but the page it says where I can post a guild ad is no longer there. The ad in public chat gets scrolled off too quickly due to so much chatter on it. I would have to post every 15 min for it to be of benefit.
    Thanks and I am so happy u have this guide for us and I tell everyone I can about it.


    1. It’s a lot of work. No getting around it. Posting your guild name with a humorous message can help to set you apart. Try “Join the Hidden Wizard and we might tell you where she’s hiding” or “Nine out of ten convicted felons prefer the Hidden Wizards”! It may not work but at least it’s funny.
      Try scanning the chat for people looking to join a guild. Be the first to respond with a private message and you’ll likely have a new guild mate.
      There used to be an Active Guilds page but people didn’t seem that interested. It was also difficult to keep the guild levels current over time. Wasn’t much of an incentive to donate, either so I took it down.
      Thank you for your kind words regarding the Arcana. I do appreciate them.


  3. Does the time you have to wait vary perhaps depending on guild level? Because we are a low level guild but it’s only 3 hours not 6 for us.


      1. We just made guild level 5 and the wait time is now 6 hours. So apparently it’s 3 hours for level 4 and under.


  4. Hi Philthy, thanks for your great work. I’m in a two man guild, but want to leaver and open my own guild. I have 50 mercenaries. Can I take them with me?


      1. Thanks a lot. That will help my decision. I want to create a local guild for members oft my City of Hamburg and surroundings.


  5. Has the percentage of damage that you get paid for on a boss raid changed? I joined my first guild yesterday and did a boss raid. I got 3.1 % damage. Boss was defeated but I got nothing. Same with a friend who started right after me. He did 3.5% damage and didn’t get anything either.


    1. I’ve heard other reports of this happening. It seems to coincide with the introduction of updates and is usually resolved within a couple of days.


      1. Thanks I got paid today. I went to do a new raid and there was a chest that gave me my tokens. It wasn’t there yesterday.


  6. Thanks so much for putting this all together its been a great tool for learning the game. How exactly does one leave a guild?


  7. I am the only member of my guild, my experience level is 196, power level is 88, guild level is 13. Still no sign of Shogun’s glory set in my guild shop, what is not right?


  8. Hi Philthy, great work with this “well of knowledge”!
    All the new members having joined our guild for the last few weeks had to wait for 24 hours to join us after having left their old guild. I thought this only occurs if you change guilds too often, but they said they have been in the old guild already for weeks. Our leader thinks you can prevent that by letting the guild leader expel you from the guild you want to leave. Do you have any experience with that? Great regards from Germany!


    1. Hello Stelas,
      My experience is that you can leave a guild and join a new one immediately. After you have joined your new guild, however, you must wait twenty-four hours before you can return or join a new guild. You cannot join a guild that has submitted a request for a guild war. That being said, Guild of Heroes changes regularly. Who knows how much of the Arcana is still accurate? Not me!
      Warm Regards from New York State,
      Philthy Animal


      1. Thanks for the fast reply! I checked it myself yesterday, your description is accurate. It was just that there were so many opinions and rumors in our guild that I needed to be clear. It’s great to visit a stronger guild for participating in higher raids, they even gave me the honors to make first place!


      2. Thank you for checking on that, Stelas. It sounds like you have found a wonderful guild, even if you are just visiting. Congratulations!


  9. Newbie here, never join a guild before. I have requested to join a random guild, but have been waiting for reply from guild leader for more than 24hrs. How do I withdraw the request? Or can I request to join another guild concurrently while pending reply?


    1. Guilds are either open or closed. Find one that is open and walk right in. Check the members before you join. Make sure that they are close to your own level or the raids might be too difficult for you.


    1. Time tokens are provided when you first start a guild. There is no way to earn more after they are gone. We have asked the Developers for a way to buy them but…no luck so far.


  10. Hey there Philthy,
    Any ideas on effective methods to find an appropriate guild? I’m pwr 56 now and my current guild wont summon anything more that raid boss lvl 7. My requests for a lvl 10+ guild in chat seems to go unacknowledged. Is there anywhere else that higher level guilds recruit actives?

    Thanks heaps!
    Your page has been an invaluable source of info.


    1. Imo guild lvl 10 for a power 56 is way too much. I am power 65, and ive been in a lvl 9 guild,we summoned the level 10 raid and failed,i did 4% dmg per attack. If you ask me i would suggest that you stay there for a while and farm coins,once u get stronger,like power 70+,go and look for a higher guild


      1. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps I will do as you say. Just a little frustrating when I do my 15% dmg with 30sec of autoplay. I guess this game is all about farming after all..
        I think 4% per attack would be perfect if you have the numbers to clear.


      2. Nah, my power level is 68 and the guild I’m in just hit level 13. I can hit level 11 bosses, no problem. The only thing you need is to do 3% and have enough friends to carry the rest.


    2. Absolutely. Apply to DragonBourne. They do level 10, 11, and 12 raids. Apply to DragonPandemic for level 8 and 9 raids. DragonElite has got your level 13 and 14 raids.


  11. Can anyone help us kill the last boss of raid 10,we got 22 hours left please, the name of the guild is Army of two,The leaders name is Erza S. Please if anyone is willing to help,the guild is open,thank you very much…


  12. I’m only level 18 and joined an open guild that is fighting raid bosses that kill me immediately. Is it even worth it to stay in such a guild? And how do you identify guilds where I will be able to contribute meaningfully to raids?


    1. Don’t stay if you can’t get 3%. When you are looking for a new guild you should look for the guild level. In your case it should be a level three or lower guild


      1. Awesome, thanks for the insight and for the GoH guide, Philthy! Maybe someday I’ll get up to the levels required to join your Guild!

        Liked by 1 person

  13. I’m in my own guild of one person for now so I can call / fight bosses whenever I want and after level 5, you can buy orange gear from the altar for evolving your mastery dungeon gear.

    I think after the bosses get too strong for me alone, I’ll start a new guild by myself and do it all over again. After that, hopefully I’ll be strong enough to join a lvl 10 guild, with some guild points saved from doing 2 guilds all by myself.

    That’s the plan for now anyway. We’ll see what happens. I’m really happy I started my own guild though. That has helped a lot.


    1. It’s a viable strategy, for sure. Being a member of a larger guild has the benefit of being more social and for providing more guild coins by participating in higher level raids. Doing over 3% damage in the highest level 11 raid gives you ~20,000 coins! You can also purchase much better gear in the higher level guilds.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I didn’t realize you got that much! I may have to re-think being in my own guild by myself. Thanks again for this site. Great work!


      2. I just applied to your guild through Line. Together, we will conquer the world of GOH. Believe me. Believe me.


      3. I have transferred leadership of Guild Motorhead to Cryoverme, my most loyal and trustworthy officer. Please do not hesitate to join that most auspicious of guilds.


  14. Cool page, a lot of helpful information. However one thing is different: the cooldown to have more than 3 attacks starts with your first attack on the boss and endures exactly 2 hours. So if you attack once and wait 2 hours, you have 3 attacks again. Keep in mind, that you can only have a maximum of 3 attacks left!


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