Guild Wars

Marching Off to War

Guild Wars are fought in real time against real opponents. Winning guild wars will bring both glory and valuable rewards to your guild. Read on, fierce companions, to learn the ways of war.


Pay the Cost to Raid the Boss

Before we get started you should know that boss raids and guild wars are not free. You don’t have to pay if you don’t want to but, please…don’t be that guy. The chest shown in the image below is the guild treasury. Gold is drawn from your treasury whenever a raid or war is activated. Don’t be a freeloader. Click on the chest to make daily donations. Higher level members pay more, lower level members pay less.

Guild Expansion

What Time Works for You?

Once your Treasury is funded guild leaders and officers can submit a request for a Guild War at a specific time. If another guild of similar strength submits a request for the same time the GoH server will have found a match and the war will proceed.

Wolf Den

Participation is key. If you outnumber your enemy by more than two or three members your odds of winning are very good. For this reason you should try to schedule Guild Wars in advance. If members have notice they will be more likely to show up.

If guild members still don’t show up you can hire mercenaries that they (hopefully) have trained. More on this later.

Capture the Flag

How do guild wars work? I’m so glad you asked. When a war begins you will be transported to the island shown below. The island is divided into twenty-four territories. The goal is to either capture your opponents castle or to take and hold more territories, thereby winning on points.

To take a territory you must destroy an obelisk (a tall stone) that will be guarded by monsters and, possibly, by an opposing team member. Every territory has 19 “capture” points. For each obelisk you destroy you will be awarded 2 or 3 points depending on how many people are participating in the war. After you have ten or more out of 19 “capture points” the territory will be yours. You earn “victory points” for every capture point you earn.

Each war has seven rounds of four minutes each for a total of twenty-eight minutes. If either team captures their opponents castle the war will have been won regardless of the time that has elapsed.

Guild Wars

Winning Guild Wars

If you study the image above you will notice that some territories award ten victory points per capture point per round (10x) while others award thirty victory points per capture point per round. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Sorry, I didn’t mean to raise my voice but if you really want to win guild wars you need to understand this.

Taking these high-value territories will help you to win on points if no castle is taken by the end of the seventh round. The victory points will also provide you with “capture tokens” which can be used to automatically win battles regardless of you opponents strength. The targeting of 30x territories and the judicious use of capture tokens will bring you very close to victory.

If you apply the strategy above you might make it to your opponent’s castle and see something like this:

Castle Obelisk

If you don’t take the castle but accumulate more points by holding more valuable real estate you will see something like this:

Round Seven

Winning Strategies

  1. Know your Enemy – Study your opponents member list before the War begins to see who you’re fighting. How many are online? How powerful are they?
  2. Have a Plan – Tell your members which formation you are using (see below) and who is doing what. Make adjustments during the battle, if necessary.
  3. Communicate – You will have time between rounds to use the chat feature. This can be a valuable source of information if you use it wisely.
  4. Use Map Coordinates – announce that you’re going for B5, call for help at C3, rally everyone for an assault on C6. A guild working together can defeat a stronger guild that is not functioning as a unit.
  5. Boosters –  If you have spare Boosters in storage you might want to pop a few before you begin.

Basic Formations:

  1. Blitzkrieg – Stay together and go for the castle. The entire team moves up column B or C and assaults the enemy castle as quickly as possible.
  2. Defense -Fortify the territories in front of your castle by taking all 19 capture points. This will slow your enemy down and make it more difficult to take your castle.
  3. Balanced – Send one team forward to attack, another team to fortify territories around your own castle, and a third team to take territories with statue icons.

Mercenary Territory

Do you have guild members who rarely show up for guild wars? I have good news for you. Thanks to upgrade 1.62.3 (9cf) guild members can train mercenaries to fight for in their place. These mercenaries can be sent into battle by members who are actively participating in a war.

Mercenaries can only fight once per round, half as often as active participants.

If you occasionally neglect your guild by doing something irresponsible like spending quality time with your family, at least have the decency to train plenty of mercenaries first. Go to your Objectives window (where you check your Daily Quests) and hit the “Guild Quests” tab.

Train Mercs

Complete the tasks to receive permits. Once you have a few permits you can press the “Train Mercenary”. This will transport you to an undisclosed location on Guild War Island where you must destroy a defended obelisk. Do this and you will have trained a mercenary.

Activating Mercenaries

Select a territory then press the plus sign “+” over the attack button. Then choose one or more inactive team members to deploy. Once a mercenary has been used you must wait three minutes before they can be used again.

Mercenary Plus

Only leaders and officers can use mercenaries during a guild war. Only members who are not actually present can be selected as mercenaries.

Mercenaries selected to attack a neutral territory will always win their battle. If the territory is defended they will win if they are more powerful than their opponent. It’s a good idea to save your most powerful mercenaries for contested territories (as opposed to neutral, undefended territories).

The Spoils of War

After fighting in a few guild wars you will have amassed a pile of guild war trophies. Your guild leader could (and should) use these to activate guild war banners. The banners last for 24 hours after activation but be careful: some have a limited number of uses. Banner bonuses include lowered costs and resources to upgrade skills, armor, and weapons, increased dust rewards from Star Arena battles, additional tokens from Guild Raids and Arena battles, reduced cool down times for campaign locations, and additional chests and dungeon keys from bosses. Here are a few that I have written down:

  • Asceticism – Reduces the manna cost of upgrading abilities
  • Discovery – Reduces the length of time required for ability evolution
  • Efficiency – Reduces the craft value cost of upgrading equipment (!!!)
  • Fortune – Bosses in dungeons drop additional chests
  • Gladiator’s – Receive more Arena tokens for participating in the PVP arena
  • Improvement- Reduces the gold cost to evolve abilities
  • Industry – Reduces the gold cost of upgrading equipment
  • Invention – Reduces the length of time required for equipment evolution.
  • Labor – Blacksmith instantly upgrades equipment
  • Marching – Reduces location cool down
  • Monster Hunter’s – Receive extra reward for defeating Guild Raid Bosses
  • Pathfinder’s – Receive more dungeon keys for completing campaign locations
  • Scrap Scrounger’s – Receive more scrap for completing Star Arena
  • Temperance – Reduces the gold cost of upgrading abilities
  • Treasure – Bosses in campaign locations drop additional chests

My favorite banner, by far, is the Banner of Efficiency. This one reduces the craft value required to upgrade equipment by up to 90%! When you need over 545,000 craft value points for a single weapon upgrade you will understand. The banner that gives you extra dungeon chests is a good one, too! What’s that one called?

Be Careful. Don’t Waste your Banners!

Some banners have a limited number of uses. You may notice a number displayed on your banner indicating how many uses are left. Pay attention to this and use them wisely.

Guild Banners

War All the Time

Guild Wars are exhilarating. They can deliver a powerful rush of adrenaline when you’re in the thick of a pitched battle. It would be easy to fight one war after another to the point of exhaustion. Sadly, this cannot be. Every guild can fight in only five wars per week. Your weekly attempts are issued at the beginning of each Wednesday. If you use them quickly you could be in for a long wait until the next one.

An Important Message Just for You

There’s some great information here, don’t get me wrong. This is definitely an important section. If, however, you want all the secrets to Guild War mastery then you need access to my super-secret Guild Arcana shadow site. Make a $15 dollar donation right now to keep Guild Arcana going and I will send you the web address and password to the best Guild Wars tutorial ever!

Support Guild Arcana

You probably buy diamonds like there is no tomorrow. Why not send a few of those dollars to Philthy?


38 thoughts on “Guild Wars

    1. You don’t, unfortunately. I asked customer support some time ago about this. They replied with a vague suggestion about maybe, possibly, some time in the future…


  1. Hi mate. Just wondering if you could enlighten me a bit more about how to maximize banner token gains from guild war? For example, say there is a no contest from the opposition (they arent online, or the lineup between the two guilds is mismatched and you know its a certain win) so do you get more banner tokens for capturing more tiles and THEN taking the castle? Or does it make no difference? Basically how does it work when it comes to how many tokens you get after finishing a guild war, WIN or LOSS. Thanks mate.


    1. The best thing to do is to take all nineteen capture points from every last territory before taking the castle. That’s how you will maximize your points. Make sure you take the castle before the end of the seventh round, though. Cheers.


      1. Oh, Boss Raids! Yes. That’s a guild activity. Check the Guilds section of the Arcana for a full description. Guild leaders or officers can initiate a raid by using a misty portal in the guild area. Once begun the guild members have a limited time to bring the boss down to zero percent health.


  2. Hi, I have trained 47 mercenaries. But ai am unable to deploy them during guild wars. There are no other members in my guild. Please suggest how to deploy them in guild war.


  3. So, training mercenaries seems to be too hard! I’m level 42 and have lost 4 battles in trying to train a mercenary. What am I missing?!


      1. Hmm I can’t use potions during the training of mercenaries… am I missing something here?


      2. Any updates or thoughts re. this issue. Again, I cannot use potions when training Mercs (it is like fighting in the arena!)





  4. Sorry for a new thread, but I can’t find reply icon under your question. I am not a guild leader but she’s refreshed banners quite often recently. And now we have about 20 members with power level 100 or higher.


      1. The best one is “banner of efficiency” reducing amount of craft value. Certianly, it still needs items for crafting. So the players have to be prepared before its activating or use diamonds for guild shop refreshing. The additional boxes (I don’t remember the names) are also good. The skills from areas give you the money, the boxes from dungeones items for crafting.


  5. With regard to banners, they can be refresh, the same as in the case of all shops. However, the price in tokens. I do not know how it is for weaker guilds, but in the case of stronger this refreshing allows very fast development of members


  6. For the guild war, you said 10 capture points give you the area. Is there any benefit to taking the entire 19 capture points ( or the entire ring)?


      1. You get more bonus points at the end of every round for total control than you do for half contrling an area.


  7. As noted in the first paragraph above, you MUST pay The Man, or you will be uselessly clicking on the map, and going nowhere as your guild battles without you. Like so many life lessons, I learned this one the hard way! (Blushes Shamefully)


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