Getting Started

Welcome to Guild of Heroes!

You’ve discovered an immersive, complex, and interactive game that will provide many (many) hours of entertainment. One thing you will notice is that there isn’t much in the way of instructions. Well, you’ve come to the right place. That’s what this site is all about!

What is this Game all About?

It’s really about building your hero up from a stripling with a bark shield to a legendary hero laying waste to her enemies. Conquer map areas and dungeons. Collect Gold, Runes, manna, and Equipment. Use these to increase your hero’s weapons, armor, Abilities, and Power.

At the moment there are eight distinct Map areas, each having three levels of difficulty. There are forests, mountains, a ruined city, a desert, a bridge, a swamp, and more. They are amazing, beautiful, and filled with monsters bent on your destruction. There are three dungeons in each area. Conquer each to open the next map area difficulty.

Your base of operations is the town of Grayhaven. Here you can buy and sell equipment, brew potions, and improve your weapons and spells. You can join a Guild and battle fierce bosses that no one could defeat on their own. You can test your skills against other players and their partners in the Arena. You can talk with players around the world using the global chat feature. There is literally a world for you to explore.

Walk, then Fight

First of all, let’s talk about how to control your hero. Just tap wherever you want your hero to go. Tap the open gate at the right side of town to head off into the wilderness. Once you get into the Farmlands just follow the yellow arrow. It will guide you. Soon you will see a shimmering circle on the ground. Walk into it to begin your first battle. Click the screen to move around. Click an enemy to attack. If you do nothing the computer will move your hero for you but what fun is that? Get in there and mix it up!

How does this Control Panel Work?

Getting Started 1

A – This is your health meter. When you take damage your health will slowly (or quickly) drain. If you have health potions (you should always have health potions) you can increase your health by touching either the health potion icon in the bottom left of the meter or the meter itself. If your health meter goes dry you will be transported back to Grayhaven. You will only bring treasure back from a location if you do so on your feet.

B – This thin gold line is your experience meter. It will gradually fill as you defeat enemies. When it fills completely you will be promoted to the next experience level. This will grant you a permanent increase in health. It will also slightly increase the strength of your enemies. To compensate you’ll have to improve your equipment, runes, and abilities. It never ends.

C – The sack icon is the gateway to your inventory and your player statistics. There is a chest at the end of each location containing everything that was dropped by your enemies. You don’t need to pick things up as you go! Just click “take all” at the end.

Let’s Have a Look at Your Equipment

Once you’ve cleared an area of enemies you’ll get a chest full of gold, gear, manna stones, and rune fragments. Click “Take All”, then “Return to Town”.

Once you’re back in Grayhaven click the sack icon to see what you have found. If the weapons and armor have a higher attack rating (crossed swords) or a higher armor rating (shield icon) than what you’re using you should equip it. Just drag it into the appropriate slot next to your character image.

Any gear that you don’t want should be sold at the Grayhaven shop for gold. Tap the shop keeper and drag what you don’t want over to his chest in exchange for gold. You’ll need lots of it in this game so you should start collecting it right away.

Choose from Three Hero Classes

You should try all three hero classes. You start out as a warrior with a sword and shield but if you find a bow and quiver you can equip them to become an archer. If you find a staff and orb you can equip them to become a mage. Play each and decide which one you like best! Each has it’s own strengths and weaknesses so you really can’t go wrong.

Find and Equip Some Ability Gems

Head back out into the Farmlands. Defeat the boss at the end of each map area to win keys to get you into the dungeons and a chest containing three ability gems. Abilities are clicked during battles to initiate powerful defenses and attacks. You’ll only get one gem from each chest but you can try for the others using diamonds. Be careful: diamonds are hard to come by without spending real money.

You can equip up to five abilities by dragging them into the slots underneath your experience bar. They must, however, match your hero class. Keep playing map locations until you can fill all five of your ability gem slots.


For a tour of your new home-away-from-home, click on the Grayhaven link.

Getting Started 2

A – The Daily Quest, a list of tasks that is updated every day. Complete them to earn experience points, gold, manna, and something from a chest of gear.

B – Chat. You can select Global Chat, Guild Chat, or Private Messaging.

C – Events. Use this to collect your daily reward and to review sale prices for diamonds and other perks.

D – Gold Counter. Hit the plus sign link to purchase gold with real money.

E – Diamond Counter. Hit the plus sign to purchase diamonds with real money.

F – Manna Counter. Manna is extracted from Manna Stones by the Jeweler and is used to upgrade your abilities.

G – Settings. Use this to change your hero’s name, access your hero’s identity code, or to fiddle around with the sights and sounds of the game.

Leveling Up

The heart of this game is in improving your hero’s Equipment at the blacksmith, Abilities at the White Mage, and evolving both using the Star Altar. You’ll embed Runes in your equipment and improve them with rune fragments using the Jeweler. This is how you will climb the mountain to glory in Guild of Heroes.

Explore the Guild of Heroes

This should get you started. Keep running campaign locations. Once you complete all three levels of the first location you can move on to the next. You’ll also earn fifteen diamonds. Spend them wisely! You’ll need them later. Equip the best gear you can find. Fill your ability gem slots. Walk through Grayhaven to find out where things are and who does what.

When you reach level 10 you can fight in the Arena. At level 14 you can fight for powerful Runes in the Tower of Trials. Once you reach level 17 you can join a Guild.

If you have more questions (and you will) use the Guild Arcana menu tabs to find the answers. There is a lot of information here. Just take it slowly. Use the comment feature at the bottom of the page if you don’t find what you’re looking for. I’ll respond as quickly as I can. Enjoy!


44 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. May I suggest a screen shot of inventory (person and pet) would be helpful. Particularly explaining the numbers/levels/powers on the top.


  2. I know that Philthy doesn’t play any more, which is a shame but I can understand why, in the last month the game has changed out of all recognition. Halloween event skins have stat bonuses so everyone now looks the same, people are complaining that it makes previous skins obsolete. And now pets…ugh! Meaning all dungeon bosses now have pets too, I suppose if I want to keep playing I will have to grind to level my pet as I can’t seem to defeat even “easy” dungeon bosses before the timer runs out (I’d never noticed the timer before). And it says pets coming to pvp soon – even worse! More pay to play I suppose (not for me thanks).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh posted my question under map sorry but can some archer answer it which spells to grind on the early game for a bit easier progression? I know luck dependent and grind grind grind have unlocked first 3 maps and 2nd dungeon on map 1+2

    Just want to know which 5 spells to get at that point ty


  4. I just began to play this game 2 days ago. I’m required to meet 3 characters before I can receive daily quest. But so far those characters are unavailable. Is there something I must complete before they become available?


  5. Philthy – you’ve created and maintain an incredible site. Thank you!
    There is one point, however, that I cold not find addressed: booster expirations.
    It seems to me that activated boosters occupy slots until they expire; then the slots are freed up for other boosters to be used.
    My theory just fell apart, though, when I received a Potion of Crafting booster that says “this booster doesn’t expire,” even though it only lasts for one hour.
    Thanks again!


  6. Hey. I´ve been playing this game for 2 weeks now. Are there more into this game, than just farming ?. It gets a little hmm, farming for 8 hours and an arena here and there. Will endgame be more exiting ?


    1. No. There is no end game! Don’t mean to drive you away but the excitement comes, the dopamine hits, when you reach the next power level, or find that shiny new weapon that is going to lay waste to the monsters who have gotten the best of you. It’s opening a new area: the Ruined City, the World Bridge, the Mountains, or the Desert. It’s defeating a raid boss by working with your guild mates. It’s buying everything in the Arena store using your hard-earned coins. I could continue. It’s repetitive. Yes. But it’s also an amazing game of constant progress and discovery.


    2. In my experience, GOH has enough options to pick and choose your level of excitement and involvement. You can steadily and predictably gain power through time spent playing the map, often in autoplay, while you multi-task. You can concentrate on the high-risk Arena, and move ahead quickly through clever disguises or the hiring of high level Arena partners. You can join a well run guild, and gain your power through collaboration and teamwork. There’s really no “wrong” way to play, but if you genuinely enjoy it, you can find a strategy that works for YOU. The very BEST players manage to balance all of the above.

      Like any game, your level of enjoyment and success in playing GOH is ultimately up to you.

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  7. How can a mage increase the armor rating under defence? Mine is always in the red, or is that just inherent in the mage ?


    1. The answer is fairly straightforward. You need to level up your robe, gloves, pants, boots, and hat. Anything with a shield icon adds to your armor rating. Rings and necklaces add to resistance, not armor.


    2. I’m going to stop short of recommending that approach. Armor also conveys attack speed, movement speed, and critical damage. That, in itself, is an excellent reason to level up your armor. Study your gear to see what does what.


    3. Don’t worry too much about armor rating, unless you’re getting crushed. If you’re getting crushed, work your focus up a bit. It will eat more of the damage you’re taking than armor’s damage reduction can do for you. We’re mages, we scoff at armor. Zap them first!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I would like to know this as well, as I have a fairly good Mage, but would like to try a warrior. I know nothing of the Warrior play style, and all my gear/abilities are obviously Mage-oriented. That being said, I don’t want to just equip a sword and try to figure it out. I would really like to create a whole new character, but I have not found any way to do so. You would think they would have a character select screen as I’m sure many people feel this way…


      1. As far as I know you can only play one character per device. If you are playing on a phone, for instance, you can start a new character on a tablet or laptop.


  8. Started a new character lvl 28. GOH has not acknowledged that storage & jeweler are in use. So no daily tasks. Any ideas. Help desk not replying


  9. Loaded goh to my new Samsung tablet synced but have gone back to the start with a new id. Any idea how to load my old Character.


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