Auto Play

Farming all Damn Day

If you spend any time in global chat you will, at some point, hear someone mention that they are “farming”. This is as good a time as any to share a hard truth about Guild of Heroes with you. At some point you will complete all the map areas but you will still want better gear, more powerful runes, and more devastating abilities. Well, you’re in for some serious repetition! You’re going to have to play the map areas and dungeons over and over and over again. You will do this to accumulate gold, gear, and ability drops. You will do this because you  need keys to the dungeons. And let’s be honest, you will do this because apparently you don’t have anything better to do!

That Little Button

Fortunately there is something called “auto play” to at least partially relieve the tedium. Auto play allows the computer to control your hero as he or she battles through map areas, dungeons, guild raids, the Arena, and the Tower of Trials.


This will free you up to check email, watch a movie, or really whatever else you like to do while your hero is running around. In the past auto play would use your abilities from left to right so you had to put some thought into how you arranged them. Now they seem to be used more intelligently so you can pay even less attention to what’s going on when you’re in auto mode. Thank you Guild of Heroes developers!

Don’t worry about all of those gear drops! You don’t have to pick them up. Everything will be waiting for you in the chest at the end.

Crystal Chests and Hired Hands

If you are like me you will hire the cheapest friends you can find to help you to open crystal chests. After you hire them for a campaign area you can run the whole thing in Auto Play. They will be summoned automatically the moment the crystal chest is ready to be opened. What happens to them afterwards is unfortunate but mercifully swift.

The Terrible Price of Sloth

At some point you’ll realize that you cannot play the entire game on autopilot. The order in which auto play uses your abilities has changed since 1.48.6 but it is still fundamentally random. This creates two significant problems:

  1. It will waste your abilities. Autoplay will use your best room-clearing ability on a single, weak opponent. It doesn’t know any better.
  2. Autoplay has no sense of conservation. This is probably the same point as number one. When your enemies are closing in on all sides you’ll be staring at five blacked-out ability gems because auto play used them all on your first five enemies.
  3. Did I say two problems? Whatever. Some abilities are best used in conjunction. One weakens your enemies, the next drops the hammer. If auto play executes this correctly believe me, it was a coincidence.
  4. OK, maybe there are actually four problems. Occasionally your hero will run past a wooden chest without opening it. I don’t know if the contents will be transported to the chest at the end. They might not.

Helpful suggestion: use auto play when you are farming locations and dungeons that are easily conquered. Go manual when more thought is required.

Helpful exception: ever fight in the Arena? Those fights can be pretty chaotic. I can’t tell who’s doing what to whom most of the time. Sometimes I’ll use a defensive ability, charge into battle, then hit auto play. Am I ashamed? Nope.



15 thoughts on “Auto Play

  1. “If you are like me you will hire the cheapest friends you can find to help you to open crystal chests”
    Not any more you can’t. Your hired friend is now activated as soon as you go to the area regardless of whether it’s the bit with the mana chest in or not. Your hired friend now has to survive until you reach the mana chest and it can be activated, or you might as well not bother hiring anyone. Another rubbish change.


  2. I don’t understand the point of this game if you can this “auto play” it…

    Is the game made for AI: is there fun for humans?


    1. There are still many opportunities for active fighting. The Tower of Trials must be fought in manual mode if you want to climb to higher levels. The Arena and Star Arena are difficult enough that you must fight those battles yourself. Guild raids and guild wars are almost always fought in person. Auto Play helps when you are running campaign areas and dungeons that you have already conquered to collect gold and craft value (CV) for equipment upgrades


  3. What about the random item drops through the campaign level? It looks like they get left behind if I don’t manually tap them during Auto Play. Will they show up if I leave them or are they gone for good?


  4. What about the random item drops through the campaign level? It looks like they get left behind if I don’t manually tap them during Auto Play. Will they show up if I leave them or are they gone for good?


  5. Right now, the grind is unbelievable if you want to move up a notch. I feel good when I get a mastery area to where I can auto play it. Evasion and health are your runes to pump up if you’re having trouble auto-playing a new area. Resistances too.

    Great guide! Thanks for putting this together!


      1. Thank you for having me boss. Together, we will rule, everything.
        The way you keep everything up to speed here with all the crazy recent happenings in the game is amazing. This site is awesome, and so are you.


    1. When you can full clear a dungeon, your area moves up a level.

      Grind up tons of keys by doing the surface level campaigns. Use those keys to grind up the dungeons. After you full clear a dungeon, your surface moves up a notch.

      Mastery is the only gear you should keep.

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