Daily Quests

You Can Do It!

Every day the Guild of Heroes developers helpfully provide you with a list of tasks to complete. I highly recommend that you give it your best shot. The Daily Quests are the closest thing in the game you’ll get to a tutorial.

Daily Quest 2

Each objective is specifically tailored to your hero. They prompt you to complete campaign locations that are on the edge of your abilities. They encourage you to engage in aspects of the game you might otherwise neglect. You’ll have to fight arena battles, raid guild bosses, explore dungeons, extract dust from ability gems, complete rooms in the Tower of Trials, and upgrade runes and ability gems. These are all things you should be doing anyways but the Daily Quests point you in the right direction and get you moving.


There are rewards for completing each task. You’ll get experience points, gold, and manna. If you complete all six tasks you’ll win one item in a chest containing all the good things the game has to offer; gold, manna stones, gear, ability gems, and boosters. If you don’t get what you want you can keep opening the chest until you do if you’re willing to part with your diamonds.

Max your Manna before you Collect

There will come a time when your jeweler reaches his manna limit but you need more than the limit to upgrade an ability gem. This is your chance. Extract enough manna to get as close to your limit as possible. Then complete the daily tasks that reward you with manna. Manna limits do not apply to manna earned from daily tasks. When you collect your daily quest manna it will be added to what you already have, regardless of the limit.

Hit that Achievements Tab!

The release of update 1.49.5 greatly increased the number of tasks that will reward you with diamonds, five at a time. If you are hard up, find specific tasks that you can complete quickly and collect those diamonds!

Leveling Abilities and Runes

It can be difficult to upgrade equipped abilities and runes two or three times if you don’t have the necessary manna or rune fragments. The best way to complete these tasks quickly and easily it to keep one or two low-level abilities and runes in storage. Upgrade them using the smallest amount of resources possible then collect your reward!

The Tower of Trials

Some daily quests will have you clearing rooms in the Tower of Trials. This can also be difficult if you have gone as far in the Tower as you can, especially with the help of potions. How will you go farther to earn your reward? The answer is to go back. Choose a floor in the Tower that is several below what you have already cleared. Clear the three or five rooms to earn your reward. Go farther if you like.

The runes and fragments you win are less than half of what you collected your first time through but the battles will be easier. The GoH server will remember the highest room and the highest floor you have reached. After waiting for somewhere between thirteen and fourteen hours you can return to continue your ascent.

Guild Quests

There is a new tab in your list of objectives since the release of update 1.62.3 (9cf). These are your guild quests. Complete them to win Training Permits. These are required to train mercenaries for use during Guild Wars.

Train Mercs





13 thoughts on “Daily Quests

      1. Oh sorry, didnt entirely read your article. You will still get the mana from the daily task, but if you exceeded your max amount you can no longer earn the mana from the jewelry. Has been a time when you exceeded your mana limit by collecting from daily task, you could also exceed it further at the jewelry.

        This is not working anymore, the mana from dailies will always exceed your mana limit. Sorry about that.


      1. I also had the same problem, yesterdayi finally got a different selection. However today it was the same selection as the 10 days before haha


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