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Hey, guys. In case you’re wondering, I don’t work for Guild of Heroes. I started this website to help players like you. If the game had instructions I wouldn’t have bothered. Tell me if anything is missing or unclear. I’ll make improvements as quickly as I can.

How do I Display my Name in Color?

If you want your name in color (and who doesn’t?) here’s how to do it. Click the color chart link and find the color you want. Then press the gear icon in the top right of your GoH screen. Hit the “edit character” tab. Then put the color code in hard parentheses in front of your name. If your name is Cletus and you think “artichoke” is a nice color it will look like this: [8F9779]Cletus. You’re welcome!

A Little Something Extra

Wouldn’t it be nice to get what you want from the chests the first time you open them? I’ve saved this for the true Guild of Heroes fans who have made it this far. This may or may not be true. It will not always work. But sometimes you can find a one, two, three, or four-tap sequence that gives you what you want when you open a chest. Once you find the sequence you can use it several times before it changes. Am I imagining things? Maybe. Has it worked for me? It seems that way. Give it a try…

The End

OK, that’s it! This site was a lot of work and you should feel guilty about using it for free! I’m kidding, of course, but you should really consider donating a few dollars to the site! Just click the link below. This will make me happy might induce to me return to Guild Wars and join your guild.

Support Guild Arcana

You probably buy diamonds like there is no tomorrow. Why not send a few of those dollars to Philthy?


Thanks for stopping by!

Your Pal,


14 thoughts on “Your Pal, Philthy

  1. Been trying for the last three months to find Frozen Volley ability for Archer. I found it on the World Bridge, but I have yet to get it and I am on the Master Level. Can anyone please help me figure this out? Do I need to change difficulty???


  2. Good evening, I was just visiting your site and filled out your “contact us” form. The contact page on your site sends you messages like this to your email account which is why you are reading through my message at this moment correct? This is half the battle with any kind of advertising, making people actually READ your message and that’s exactly what I just accomplished with you! If you have an ad message you would like to blast out to lots of websites via their contact forms in the U.S. or to any country worldwide let me know, I can even target particular niches and my costs are super reasonable. Reply here:


  3. Hola Filthy, en primer lugar felicitarte por el excelente sitio creado.
    Segundo, me gustaría preguntar si tu sabes como utilizar las pancartas que obtienes en los cofres de escolta a la carroza, resulta que tengo mi inventario lleno de esas cosas y algunas dicen que acortan el tiempo en las evoluciones, otras que permiten evolucionar mis equipos al instante, etc..
    La verdad es que no se como ocupar y ya me ocupan mucho espacio, tu sabes como hacerlo, o las vendo mejor ?


    1. I’m sorry for the delay. My Spanish is not very good. It sounds like your banners are taking up too much space. Use the banners that reduce the time, cost and craft value needed to upgrade and evolve your gear. Sell everything else.


  4. Hi,
    I want to thank you for the great job by maintain this site with fresh info. I just have one question, I know the answer but I want to verify it. In order for epic abilities to work ( the ones with fury charges) do I have to wear the last set of the game? (the one you get from guild shop).
    I gain many epic abilities but without the last set I think they are worthless and I will gain nothing if replaced them with my full legendary abilities tier 5.
    Am I correct?


  5. I signed up for the “Line” app and friended you. Sent you a message. Hope to hear back soon! I have a question about an ability (Tier 5). I am having a VERY hard time acquiring it. Protective Lightening? I’ve done The World Bridge area for several months with it not even showing up! I have completed all 3 dungeons in the area, also.


  6. Hey Phil,

    first of all thanks for the fantastic job, what do you mean by tap combination? where would you tap?
    I.E. you open the chest and there’s 6 items, you can either tap one of those, the open button or the close button…


    1. Tap one item or skill first, then another. Maybe tap the the thing you want first. Maybe second. Clockwise or counter-clockwise. When you find something that works, try it again! I am not convinced that this works but sometimes it seems to. I could be imagining the whole thing 🙂


  7. If you’re fairly high level and struggling with evolving orange gear right now, it might be a good idea to start your own guild and level the raid bosses until they start dropping orange gear.

    Careful not to level the bosses too fast until you can’t kill them yourself anymore. When you get up to orange gear in your shop, just run around like an idiot with no autoplay and keep the one boss alive for as many hits as you need for the daily. It’s an extra source for legendaries, which you need to eat to evolve your gear.

    I hope they do some things to cure the tedium. If I get a new ability and I have the mana, let me upgrade it to evolve with just one click. Don’t make me bang the upgrade button 13/14 times, wait a few seconds, and then finally be able to send it to evolve for 4-6 hours. That is way too tedious. Have a one click button for a mana cost as well.

    This update seemed to emphasize wasting as much time as possible on menial tasks like upgrading gear and abilities. Bummer

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    1. If you’re worried about killing the boss too fast, you can just click the pause button and ‘return to town’. You don’t have to turn auto-play off and run around like an idiot to run down the clock to get your hits in.

      Just click the pause button at the top and select ‘return to town’. You can get all your hits in for the dailies that way if you don’t want to down bosses too fast.

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