Diamonds & Gold

You’ll need lots of gold in this game. You’ll pay to upgrade your gear and runes. You’ll be charged for extracting manna from stones. Then you’ll shell out more cash to use that manna to upgrade your ability gems. And the healing potions? Those aren’t free, either. Don’t even get me started on the cost to upgrade the Jeweler and Healer! They get you coming and going…

Gold and How to Get it

So, you’re going to need lots of gold. The usual way for us working stiffs is to work for it. Complete campaign locations and dungeons. Defeated enemies will drop gold and gear. It will all be in a chest when you reach the end so don’t bother picking it up as it falls. Sell every gear item you don’t need at the Grayhaven shop for gold. If you sell something by mistake don’t worry. Just buy it back before you move on to other things.

The Best Way: Star Altar

Update 1.49.5 was a game changer. The Guild of Heroes community asked for the power to sell dust and scrap. The Developers said “yes”. Or perhaps they said “da”. Either way, you can bank massive amounts of gold using the Star Altar. This is especially true if you can convert Legendary (orange) gear and abilities to scrap and dust. I’m talking about many, many millions of gold coins, here. As you increase your Altar capacity you will receive larger amounts of scrap and dust. Do this as often as you can.

Potions of Avarice

If you still want to farm for gold you will collect more if you are using potions of avarice. You can buy them for four diamonds each at the Grayhaven shop. Each one increases the base amount of gold dropped by enemies by 100%. This does not multiply the effect of the greed runes you may have embedded in your gear. You can use up to five potions at once (stacking) to increase the base gold drop by 500%.

After using the first potion, each additional potion will extend the length of the effect by ten minutes. One potion: 30 minutes. Two potions: 40 minutes, and so on.

Farm all the campaign locations and dungeons. You’ll get plenty of gold using this technique from the Farmlands (yes, the Farmlands) right on through Hellfire Mountain.

There is no gold to be had in Guild raids, Arena battles, and forays into the Tower of Trials but your potion of avarice timer will still be running. Save these activities for after your avarice potions expire. 

Stuff You can Buy Without Diamonds

If you don’t have diamonds or don’t want to spend them you can buy a chest of random boosters at the shop for manna. The amount of manna charged increases with your experience level but this is a great, and often overlooked, way to get boosters. You just won’t know what you’re getting until you open the chest.

Manna Chest

Greed Runes

Insert greed runes in your gear to increase the amount of gold you harvest from campaign locations and dungeons. For best results equip the best greed runes you can find and upgrade them relentlessly. This can help but, as I mentioned above, converting gear and abilities to scrap and dust in the Star Arena then selling it is, by far, the best way to fill your coffers with gold.

Arena Combat

Another way to earn gold is to compete in the arena. Yes, you will have to enlist a partner and that’s expensive but you will make it all back quickly. Trust me. After you have won a pile of tokens you can exchange them for large sums of gold in the arena shop. This is especially true once you progress to the higher arena leagues.

Diamonds and How to Get Them

There are many ways to fill your pockets with diamonds. You can buy them with real cash. Diamonds can be purchased in this way at any time by tapping the plus sign next to the diamond counter at the top of your screen. If you’ve decided to buy diamonds make sure you check the Event Pedestal in town before you do. There are bargains to be had every couple of weeks and if they are available this is where you’ll find them. If you’d rather sweat it out, read on.

You’ll earn diamonds for completing campaign locations for the first time. You’ll get them once a week collecting daily rewards. You can buy them in the arena shop. We’re talking about ten or fifteen diamonds here, typically. If you want more diamonds you should visit the Guild of Heroes Twitter page or their Facebook page on a fairly regular basis. At least once a month, Guild of Heroes will give you the opportunity to earn diamonds, sometimes fifty at a time, simply by liking or retweeting a post or posting screenshots of your hero in action when they tell you to. In a recent contest, participants earned up to 1000 diamonds by posting images of opened ability chests to Facebook!

Things You Should Do with Diamonds

Increase your storage space Maximize both your personal inventory and your storage chest in town. The more room you have for gear, rune fragments, boosters, and abilities, the better.

Increase the Jeweler’s capacity for extracting manna One slot is not going to be enough. He’ll need all three and you’ll wish he had more. The Blacksmith can have three slots for upgrading gear and you’ll probably want at least two. The Healer making potions and the White Mage upgrading and evolving abilities are the same. They start out with one and eventually you’ll want more.

Open gear and ability chests multiple times This is especially true when if you’re trying for Legendary set pieces in the dungeons. Think about it. You complete campaign locations to get keys to open rooms in the dungeon. There are thirteen or fourteen levels in your typical dungeon, each with six or seven rooms. Once you find the room with the gear chest there is still only a one in six chance that you’ll get the item you want. I don’t know about you, but once I find that chest I’m not about to walk away empty-handed.

Things You Probably Shouldn’t Do

Don’t use diamonds to relieve your impatience If you’ve got more real money than you need in the real world then, by all means, do what you want. If you don’t then use your diamonds carefully. Don’t use them to speed up the any of the upgrading tasks in Grayhaven. If something is going to take six hours to upgrade just do it before you quit the game for the night. Or before you go to work. Or whatever.

Don’t use diamonds to revive yourself in battle OK, I’ve done it. I admit it. If you need to complete a campaign location for your daily quest and you were this close to defeating that boss and you’re totally out of healing potions…like I said, I’ve done it. But really, just play the location again. It only takes a few minutes.

Don’t use diamonds to upgrade your gear I didn’t realize that this was possible for quite a while. If you’re going to do this, drop all of your equipped gear before you do. The cost, in diamonds, to upgrade gear is related to your power score. Lower your power score, pay fewer diamonds. The Developers will probably fix this at some point so take advantage while you can!

49 thoughts on “Diamonds & Gold

  1. I’m new to the game, but as of right now I can sell Healing Tonics for more gold than it costs the healer to make them (450 gold to make 20 and they sell for approximately 1,100 gold).

    If that holds true at all levels of healing potions, then it’s a pretty simple and easily maintaintable conveyor belt of gold.


      1. It remained true for the next two tiers of potions, but with diminishing returns. At the moment it costs me 2,100 to brew 20 potions and they sell for 2,600.


      2. I’ve now progressed a few ranks with the Healer and I no longer profit from selling potions I make. They now cost slightly more to make then they sell for.


  2. The most frustrating part of this game is not getting what you want from the chests. If there is a prize of the dungeon, you should just get it at the end, especially after having to go through several levels to get keys, then 17 levels of dungeon to get a piece of a outfit, and then not get it. It is nice to have options to choose from but you should be able to click the one you want and actually get it. As it is, not only is it a hassle but I usually only get the lowest gear and not the best and the one I want. You also should be able to choose the part of the out fit you are going for, because you go thru all that for nothing. Also it doesn’t give the same item twice, even after you’ve won it, which you could be dusting or selling. I am close to stopping playing because of this. Please tell them to change it. Don’t make it so arduous and stop the random shell game. Thanks.


    1. This is one of the few times in the game when I will spend diamonds. I maintain 100 diamonds at all times so that when that piece of Legendary gear shows up, either in the guild shop or a dungeon chest, it will be mine no matter what. There are opportunities to buy several hundred diamonds for ten dollars or less every month. Spend a few bucks and be frustrated no more!


  3. Thanks for the info, was enjoyable to read. I just wish they Devs would make upgrading equipment like upgrading a rune. Even though you go over the amount needed on a rune it carries over, i.e. run needs 800 to reach next star and you put 900 on it, that extra 100 carries over to next star tier. Equipment, if you need 900 anvil and put 1.1m on it…you lose that extra 200. That sucks to me.


    1. My phone has been sending me warnings that I’m running down my battery too hard. Looks like I’m getting a new phone that knows how to shut up.

      The grind is what’s it all about. Grind and gear check. New phones when the old ones complain too much. Easy Peasy

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  4. The Star Altar is probably the most confusing part of this game. I only just started, and so I don’t feel “ripped off” like past players do, but I do see how this Evolving process could take months.
    I assume the Altar was intended to discourage people from using only Orange gear exclusively because its very difficult to evolve. So it makes more sense to consider using purple gear, or even blue gear, since it can be evolved more easily, especially for newer players. So I assumed this was a strategy to get the purple and blue gear to be used more.

    However, I did not notice until reading this site that you can use any color gear for offerings after you fill the first two required slots. So I wasted the opportunity to get more orange dust because I assumed only orange gear could be offered. Also the declining rewards for bonus slots on the altar are hard to understand. It calls them “bonus” slots but you get back less than you get for filling the first two slots. So the order that you fill the slots matters. And the more slots you fill, the harder to battle, so generally I don’t fill all the slots. I did notice that your resistance stats makes the most difference in the Arena battles, so having good jewelry and resistance runes helps tremendously.


  5. About gold…
    Unless you’ve all gold runes, the fastest way to grown your gold is to see videos on game. It give gold on your level. on level 134, 170k gold for 30s video. Every map or dungeon lasts 3-4 minutes. map is good enough if you go with 5 gold potions and gold runes (or if you need gear to make better equipment, mana, fragment runes… or just take experience).
    One hour of videos while watching tv, gives you 10-15M of gold.
    Make numbers 😉


    1. I am on Amazon Fire and have never had a chance for a video for gold or revival. Could it be somewhere in the settings? Having the opportunity to see the video would definitely help.


  6. I ate all my best gear I could have used to upgrade my weapon to get some more of that orange junk you need to evolve gear.

    This grind is painful and I don’t think diamonds or gold can help it. You just have to grind for more gear and abilities.

    Interesting choice by the developers


    1. I’m not so sure that things are going well for them. The fallout from 1.48.6 is continuing. They will probably make further concessions in the next update but the people who have left are not likely to come back.


      1. My old guild pretty much all bailed. I made my own for now and got it up to where it drops orange gear (yayy). I’ll stick it out for a while and see how it goes. I think I am starting to understand what they’re trying to do, but it may be too painful for players to get there. I’m sure if it hurts their pockets they’ll wisen up. I hope so anyway.

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      2. I hope so, too. Many players have left. The rewards in the game have been pulled so far away that they feel nearly out of reach. I don’t mind grinding if I’m making progress. Unfortunately, since the update, my progress is nearly imperceptible.


      3. I think the trick is get your gear just up to usable, put it on, eat all your old gear, and slowly grind up piece by piece. I’m starting to notice an improvement now, but man it’s been a slog. I think if people stick it out that were fairly high level like us or are brand new, it can be an enjoyable experience.

        The switch up for fairly high level is probably the most jolting. This will take some getting used to.

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    1. Depends on what you’re trying to get but yes. If you want purple scrap or dust you start with two purple items. Then you can throw anything else into the six remaining slots to increase the amount of bonus materials you receive.


  7. I’m curious why you say that Potions of Averice are not worth using more than 1? I’ve always used 5x and the bonus seems to be there. Doing a dingl stage the swamp with 500% is about 400k gold. I really hope I haven’t been wasting them, but the math seems correct.


    1. I put the question before the Line group. They say that the potions do indeed work as advertised but for base gold drops only. The effect of greed runes is not increased. I will revise this section. Thank you, Daemon!


      1. Also with Potions of Avarice it might be worthwhile to point out that the expiration time increases by 10:00 minutes for each additional potion you stack, so not only adding 100% per potion, but also increases time that potions stay active.

        Good advice though on saving boss battles until after potion expires. Also might mention that arena battles and rune quests will use up your potion time for no rewards, so those should also wait.

        Using the Avarice potions takes some planning. If you max out to use 5 potions at once (which is the most efficient way to use them), the rewards are excellent. But you have 1 hour and 10 minutes worth of fighting to do, so with trips back and forth to town this could easily be 2-3 hours of actual time playing the game, and it must be completed in 24 hours.


      2. Thanks for your comments, Ken. It seems that despite there being fourteen pages or so of information here there are still many points that go unsaid. I will read through your comments again and improve the site accordingly.

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  8. You know the more I think about this the angrier I get. When I say legendary I am talking about the orange items. When I think about the 2 weeks of grinding it took for me to get that item to get less than the craft value for a reward for sacrificing it is insulting. For them to tell me good boy, now go get 39 more of them, well they wouldn’t want to do it to my face. It’s not like a few of them drop every scrimmage.

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    1. I’ve been trying to understand what the developers had in mind when they made these changes. The charitable explanation is that they wanted to make sure that the die hard players never run out of things to do. Unfortunately they just managed to insult and discourage hundreds if not thousands of their customers


      1. Sense this update I find it impossible to progress. A game is supposed to be a fun diversion. This one no longer is . It is infuriating. I am doing like so many others and washing my hands of it. Mage and Minions is a good game. I suggest others who are fed up with this one check it out.


  9. Don’t waste your money buying diamonds people. If you get a legendary piece of equipment there is no possible way you will be able to upgrade it,. I am thinking of contacting Visa to dispute the charges and put out a fraud alert on this outfit.


    1. Upgrade or evolve? I have been upgrading pieces of my Legendary gear without any trouble. I’m also evolving a blue tier 3 ability gem from 3 to 4 stars. The Star Arena battle was tough but it wasn’t too bad.


      1. Evolve. I upgraded the 12 times with no problem. I will need 280,000 points of legendary gear in order to evolve it to 1 star. Do you know how many pieces of legendary gear that is? How often do you get a piece of legendary gear? Upgrading does no good without being able to evolve.


      2. Yes, I installed it when it first came out. It doesn’t matter about how much you put in there. It’s the exchange rate. If I sacrifice a 7000 point item I get a reward of 40 points. I need 1600 to evolve my item. That means I will need to sacrifice a 7000 point item or a combination of, 40 times to get to 1600 points. 40 times 7000 gives you 280,000. This is just to get a one star rating so it will have to be done 5 times to get to 5 stars. How often do you get 7000 points of legendary items? You have to use legendary items in order to evolve.
        They need to make the exchange rate more reasonable. When you get a legendary item to the point you need need to evolve it you will understand what I’m trying to tell you. I am using the 7000 points as an arbitrary figure. You put in more you get more and less gives you less.
        Thank you for your help.


    2. The mana costs to upgrade a good ability gem is in the hundreds of millions, plus the purple abilities you need to eat at the altar to evolve it. Takes about 2 weeks.

      The anvil and orange dust costs to upgrade a good weapon are in the hundreds of millions, plus you need to eat all your best orange gear to evolve it, forget about using that stuff for upgrades. It will take forever.

      It’s kind of a kick in the guts to get the best piece of gear you can get, realize you’ll never be able to upgrade it, so you eat it at the altar to upgrade something else not as good. Bring all your absolute best gear to the altar for sacrificing legendaries; that dust runs out quick!

      I want to stick it out and see how they handle this. Getting new gear or a new ability was the hook of this game. Now it’s a huge inconvenience.


      1. Why did u make this game so difficult? I can’t even beat the guys at the alter.. no matter what I do….


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