Guild War Tactics

Guild War Tactics

Welcome to the Guild War Tactics tutorial page! Here you will find just about everything you need to know to greatly improve your performance in guild wars. A typical approach is to initiate a guild war, hope three or four members attend, and run everyone up the middle. How is that working out for you? I’m guessing that the answer is “not good”. That’s why you’re here. Be assured, there is a better way. Read on.

Team Assignments

Have you ever seen young children playing soccer? I’m talking about football here for everyone in the world besides Americans. You know what I’m talking about. The entire team chases the ball. No positions, no passing, no organization. It’s fun to watch but it doesn’t score many points. It doesn’t win guild wars, either. To avoid this scenario, begin by dividing your guild into four teams and assigning responsibilities.

  1. Attack team: Your most aggressive members will drive quickly into your opponents territory to disrupt their attack and force them to defend. Mid-to-high power levels.
  2. Defense team: Your most reliable members will build a defense by fully capturing  “capping” territories in front of your castle. Mid-to-high power levels.
  3. Capture Team Right: Take statue-icon territories on the right side. Lower power levels, disciplined and fast.
  4. Capture Team Left: Take statue-icon territories on the left side. Lower power levels, disciplined and fast.

As you can see, there are three objectives. The first two are obvious. Take enemy territory. Defend your castle. The third is critical: fully control as many statue-icon territories as possible. These territories are worth three times as many victory points as territories without statue icons. Controlling them will help you to win on points if the war goes through all seven rounds without a castle being taken. More importantly, controlling them will allow your guild to collect capture tokens at the beginning of each round. Each token is worth an instant battle victory in the territory of your choosing. This will be discussed in more detail. First, let’s discuss why completely controlling, or “capping” at territory is important.


The image below shows a fully capped statue territory. Do you see the small statue icon at the bottom? Those are the good ones. These territories provide 30 x 19 = 570 victory points per round when fully capped. You will earn two capture tokens (250 each) per round for holding this territory. Fully capped non-statue territories provide only 10 x 19 = 190 victory points per round. That isn’t enough for even one capture token! Obvious lesson: go for the statue icons.

Capture Right Side

Capture Tokens

Capture tokens are used to immediately win a battle, earning one, two, or three capture points in a territory depending on the total number of guild members participating in a war. Only officers can use capture tokens. The two best uses of capture tokens are:

  1. Attacking territories defended by enemies of superior strength
  2. Defending territories against enemies of superior strength

The least effective use of a capture token is taking neutral, undefended territory. Please don’t do this, especially if the territory has no statue icon. Capture tokens are valuable. Don’t waste them.

Once a capture token has been used on a territory you must wait 30 seconds before using another. Capture tokens can, however, be distributed quickly between multiple territories. Use them on front line territories where battles are raging to give your guild the advantage.

How Many Capture Tokens Do You Have?

Capture Tokens

This image in the top left corner of your guild war map shows the number of capture tokens you have at your disposal. Twenty-two is a good number. It’s a very good number. How do you get that many? By capping lots of statue-icon territories.


There are cool-down times between attacks. Do you see the envelope icon in the image above? This is a guild war communication. Read it. Team leaders should use the time between attacks to communicate with their members. Use team codes (AT, DT, CTL, and CTR) and map coordinates to announce enemy locations and to let members know where they should be. For example “AT to B4”, “High level enemy on C5”, or “use all capture tokens on B3”.

Some guilds designate a war chief that coordinates movement during guild wars and uses capture tokens. Some guilds assign leaders of each team who are responsible for their team members. You may want to limit the use of capture tokens to Attack and Defense team leaders. Your choice. It is, however, critical that everyone understands their responsibilities. This requires communication before the war begins and while it is underway.


Complete Guild Quests (one tab over from your Daily Quests) to earn Training Permits. Hit the “Train mercenaries” button and smash a Guild War obelisk and you’re done.

Once a Guild War begins you can press the plus sign (+) next to the attack button to deploy mercenaries. You’ll be able to select from guild members who are not currently participating in the war. Deploy as many as you want. They will always win when attacking neutral territories. When fighting against enemy guild members the strongest will prevail.

Select lower-level mercenaries for neutral territories. Save high-level mercenaries for contested battles against high-level enemies!

There is more information on Mercenaries on the Guild Wars page at

Tactics – It Helps if You Can See it

The tactics map below shows a scenario where you start in the red castle and are moving from the top of the screen towards the bottom. If you start in the blue castle the tactics are the same, just headed the other way! Capture teams are designated Right or Left to avoid confusion. No matter which way you are headed they will always be on the same side.

Tactics III Map

Attack Team (AT) is shown in black.

AT heads straight out from the castle moving as quickly as possible. It is best to avoid your opponents main force and move deep into their territory. Force them to abandon their own attack to pursue you. This will buy time for your defense and capture teams.

An effective technique is to move behind your opponents advance, separating them from their home territories. This will stop them in their tracks. No guild can fight from a territory that is isolated. It takes precious time and resources from your opponent as they struggle to retake lost territory. Try it. It’s fun.

Defense Team (DT) is shown in blue.

DT also heads straight out from the castle, then takes and caps B5. Once this is accomplished they head for the enemy castle, capping territories along the way. Strongest members should defend when necessary. Weaker members should cap statue territories in the B and C columns. This will make it harder for your enemy to advance and will also provide your guild with many useful capture tokens.

Capture Team (CTR) is shown in green.

CTR also heads straight out from the castle onto C5. This will fall quickly because the Attack team is helping. CTR then takes and caps D5. After this is accomplished they move sideways from the column established by the Attack Team to take and cap D3 and D1. Don’t bother with D6 and D4. Time is of the essence. Cap the statue-icon territories first then fill in the others later.

Capture Right Side

Capture Team Left (CTL) is shown in yellow.

CTL moves to take and cap A6. After this is accomplished they move sideways from the column established by the Defense Team to cap A4 and A2. Don’t bother with A5 and A3. You can move sideways from the column established by the Defense team. Cap the statue-icon territories as quickly as possible.

Capture Left Side

Capture Teams Note: Yes, I’m repeating myself now but it’s important. Avoid D6, A5, D4, A3, D2, and A1 (non-statue territories on the sides) until victory is assured. Move sideways off of the columns established by the Attack and Defense teams. This will help you to take the statue territories as quickly as possible.

Take it All

What’s better than winning a Guild War? Dominating one. If you are the red team, the image below gives you an idea of what you want to see before the war is over. Sure, taking the castle is nice. Do you know what’s nicer? Being awarded 24,000 points while your enemy gets 240. This is your goal.

Cloud Map

If you are clearly winning, DO NOT TAKE THE CASTLE. Cap every single territory on the map to maximize your point total. Do this and you will be sitting on a very large pile of victory points and guild banners. Don’t settle. Take it all.

If you are in a tight battle that could go either way, then sure… let’s take the castle and escape with a win. But if you’re ahead, make every last territory on the island your own.


This may be the most important factor to winning a Guild War. You can have the best tactics and execute them flawlessly but if only six guild members show up you’re still going to lose. In my experience, having a regular schedule is the best way to ensure maximum participation. That way, everyone knows when the wars will begin and can plan for them. Find out what works best for your guild then lock those times in place.

Suggested Schedule:

Week Day Afternoons: 4pm (16:00) EST

Week Nights: 8pm (20:00) EST

Saturday Morning: 11:00

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