Ability Gems


Every hero class can equip five ability gems. You will find three gems in a chest at the final (boss) level of each map location. Each chest contains one gem for each hero class. If you’re lucky you’ll get one you can use. If you’re not you can spend diamonds to open the chest again.

Fill your ability slots as quickly as you can with the best gems you can find. The abilities can be offensive, defensive, or a combination of both. The offensive gems will do far more damage than your weapon on it’s own. After you use an ability in battle you must wait for its cool down period to expire before you can use it again.

Not all ability gems are of equal value. They might look the same but you need to check. There are tier one, two, three, Tier Four Ability Gems and now there are also tier five gems, as well. They can be either green (common), blue (uncommon), purple (rare), or orange (legendary). If you’d like to see a listing of all ability gems and their stats you can find them at someone else’s otherwise inferior website here. Ability gems also have varying number of stars. Five star gems will have a much higher maximum value than the same gems with fewer stars, especially after they have been leveled.

Upgrading Abilities


You need to upgrade your ability gems if you want to have a respectable power level. Do it early and often. The White Mage in town is the man you want to see. Every ability must be upgraded five times using manna before it can be evolved to the next level. To evolve your ability gems you must first win evolution resources at the Star Altar. These resources include moonrock dust, green jade dust, blue sapphire dust, and epic purple dust.

Ability gems, as mentioned above, have specific tiers. Tier one abilities are the weakest and tier four abilities are the strongest. When you find ability gems in chests at the end of campaign locations or buy them in the arena shop be careful to check the tier level before deciding to buy, sell, or equip them. They may look just like an ability gem you already have but can be far more powerful. Pay attention!

Manna Stones and Where to Find Them 

Where do you get manna? I’m so glad you asked. As you fight your way through campaign locations the monsters you defeat will drop gold, gear, and lovely blue manna stones. You can also find excellent quality manna stones in crystal chests.

Fun fact: If you are victorious, all treasure drops, including manna stones, will appear in the chest at the end. You don’t need to bend down and pick up everything that tumbles out of a dying monster’s claws!

You can also purchase manna gems (really nice ones) at arena shops using arena tokens.

Extracting Manna


So now that you have a few manna stones you can bring them to the jeweler in town. He’s the guy with the red cap and a diamond over his head to the right of the guild area. He will convert your manna stones to pure manna for a price. The manna he extracts and holds will be used to upgrade, but not evolve, your abilities.

One thing to keep in mind here is that the jeweler can only hold so much manna at a time and the wizard takes it directly from the jeweler when upgrading your abilities. If your ability requires more manna to upgrade than the jeweler can hold you will need to increase his limit. This, like so many other aspects of this game, will require gold. And time. After the first few limit increases you will be waiting twenty-four hours every time you do it. If you need manna extracted from gems in a hurry you should do it before you initiate the limit increase.

Extracting Dust from Ability Gems


Once you’ve upgraded an ability to its highest level you must use the Star Altar to convert other ability gems to dust before you can evolve it. You’ll need jade dust for green abilities, sapphire dust for blue, amethyst dust for purple abilities, and, star dust for orange legendary abilities!

Don’t break down the ability gems you’re using. Offer only lower tier or color class ability gems, gems you have two of, gems for other hero classes, or gems you just don’t like.

How much Dust?

You will receive more dust for gems with higher tier levels, number of stars, and higher color classes. You will also receive more dust when you select (and defeat) higher difficulty levels in the Star Arena.

Improve your Dust

The release of update 1.49.5 has made it possible to “exchange” dust for a lesser amount of higher quality dust. This costs gold and can be accomplished using the Star Altar. Click on the link for a detailed description of the Star Altar and how it works.



40 thoughts on “Abilities

  1. What are the four diamonds above the experience bar? The first one goes red then goes away and my magic explosive ability has a red border around it. What does that mean?


    1. Those are rage indicators. You get more of them as you equip more rage-enabled gear. When the indicators are lit you can use rage abilities if you have them.


  2. You really make it appear really easy with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really something which I feel I’d by no means understand. It sort of feels too complicated and very vast for me. I am looking ahead on your subsequent submit, I’ll try to get the cling of it!


    1. You need to use another rage ability before your rage charge (the red diamonds) disappear. It helps if you have at least two rage abilities and three or six rage-enabled gear items.


      1. Thanks. But what is rage ability? These tier 5 abilities?And what’s three or six rage enabled gear items?


      2. You might not be there yet. You need to be in the master dungeons of Hellfire Mountain and the Dark Citadel or be have a guild store leveled to 13 or higher to get the rage gear and abilities. Somewhere in that neighborhood anyways. My memory is getting a little fuzzy.


  3. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually realize what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly also seek advice from my website =). We will have a hyperlink trade agreement between us!


  4. When entering a campaign instance and you click to see witch ability are available there, why are some highlighted and others not.
    I’ve been after magic javelin for some time now and it seems that every one is not highlighted.


    1. The best place to find abilities is in the Arena shop. Don’t pay any attention to where the game tells you things might be. Just go for the most difficult campaign locations and have patience.


  5. Hello, I have noticed at some times, when playing in Auto mode, that one of my abilities will have a light circling around it. In other games, this often means that that ability would has been set to auto-cast. I have tried to play around with it, and can get it to light up on different abilities, but unsure what it does. Have you seen this, and would you mind advising what it does please?


      1. The effect is around the ability icon itself. If I go to a dungeon for example, and before I press the Auto button, I press and hold for around 5 seconds on my Volley ability and then release, it will get the new border. If I then press and hold on my Dash ability, when I release, the the border will change from the Volley to the Dash ability. If I change to Auto, it stays there.


  6. How do I Level up the Jeweler? I have that “Level up” button, but I can’t use it – is there a cap connected to my own Level maybe?


    1. Once you have extracted enough manna to fill the bar along the top the “Level Up” button will turn green. Then you can increase the manna limit if you have enough gold.


  7. Thunderstorm and Fire Aura on Mage OP. If you can get those two and run them up, you’re pretty much unkillable. Sick.

    I didn’t know until today you could run 2 of the auras at the same time. I feel like an idiot. Kek.


    1. Once you extract enough manna to fill the bar at the top of the Jewelry window the Level Up button will light up. Pressing that button (and paying the required fee) will increase your manna storage capacity


      1. that bar is full on my jeweler for quite some time now – still I can’t press the button…any suggestions? Or did I miss out on some vital info?


      2. Are you sure it’s completely full? If it is there might be some technical issue with your account. Send a message to customer support using the Facebook messenger.


      3. can’t reply to your latest answer (thanks for that, first of all). Yes, that bar is full – for about a week now. the button does not light up, and of course it does not react when I touch it. Facebook Messenger – not for me, I am not on Facebook and will not change that just for GoH. Tried to send them an ingame message, but they want me to open an account with my E-Mail – that would be ok with me, but they want me to type in my E-Mail password as well… Hell no. Will go on playing until I can’t operate with that amount of mana anymore, then it’s bye bye.
        But thanx for your efford – and that nice guide you put up here 😉


  8. Is there a list somewhere of the ability gems? Ended up playing a wizard when I found a super sweet blue staff at a very low lvl. Now just kinda wondering what works best for the nuker.


    1. There should be a link to another site that has a very good list of abilities. I don’t know if they have included the new abilities or not. Maybe if I become motivated I’ll transcribe the whole thing into a spreadsheet and post it.


  9. I have heard other players saying the same. I don’t see them very often but it’s okay because it’s going to take weeks for me to upgrade the ones I already have!


  10. anyone else notice a change in drop rates, for the first week I picked up 9 purple (5 warrior, 3 Arc, 1 Wizard and I happen to be playing wizard go figure but lately I think I have only picked up one or two purples since.


      1. Purple ability gems turn up for me almost every day. If I really need one I pay diamonds to open the chests more than once. I don’t worry too much about the frequency as I have three purple ability gems that I will be leveling for weeks!


    1. Star Altar, Al. Don’t worry about the CV (anvil icon) counter. Just drag two ability gems that you don’t want into the boxes on the left then click “make offering”.


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