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Welcome, friends, to Guild Arcana! Here you will learn how to play Guild of Heroes and how to play it well. The collective knowledge of scores of heroes, thousands of hours of combat, is assembled here. There are basics for the beginners, advanced strategies for the hardened veterans, and a deeper understanding of the game for anyone who swings a sword, looses an arrow, or conjures fire in the mountains, forests, and dungeons that await you in Guild of Heroes.

Guild of Heroes is played all over the world. For this reason: There is a Google Translate feature on every page. Now that the formalities are out of the way, let us begin!



If you are a new player the Getting Started page will show you how to move through Grayhaven and begin your first campaign. The Equipment page will show you how to find the best gear and level it up. Way up.

Equipment isn’t enough. You’ll need Runes and Abilities to charge your gear with additional power and add devastating attacks. The Star Altar is the only place to obtain evolution materials. It can also make you rich. Very rich.

Once you’ve played for a while you’ll want to join one of the Guilds, defeat your first raid boss, and buy some better gear in the Guild Shop. You might also want to step into the Arena to see if the other heroes are really as tough as they look. Some of them are!

Do you want to master this game? If you do, the Power section is required reading. Are you having trouble because you are not powerful enough? Perhaps using a few Boosters will help!

Three things will carry you a long way in this game: having the Gold & Diamonds to buy what you need, having a Tavern full of friends to help you, and using the Auto Play feature so you can play while you’re in the shower.

I have also added screenshots of all the latest Tier 5 Ability Gems for your reading pleasure. One day they will be yours. It takes only time. Would you like to see the Legendary Sets and where you can find them? They are in the deepest rooms of dungeons! Simply consult the Map to find them.

And finally, there are the Guild Wars. If you haven’t been in one you need to join a guild that wars today! They are intense.Tier 5 Abilities

Every once in a while you will see something posted on the events board in town. For an explanation of how these things work just check the Tournaments and Skins page.

Arcana readers have asked for a Pets page. Philthy has responded.

Ok, it’s free now. My gift to the GoH community. It’s…Guild War Tactics.


You guys are on your own from here on out.


I’ve posted lots of information for you on the Updates page. For an image of the Dark Citadel campaign area, its dungeons, and its Legendary sets visit The Map. If you’d like to see the new Legendary guild sets (they’re awesome) you can scroll to the bottom of the Guilds page. There are 23 new Epic abilities. I’ve found and posted all of them on the Tier 5 Abilities page.

***TIPS & HINTS***

Sell your dust and scrap! Use the Star Altar to convert ability gems and gear to dust and scrap. Select the highest difficulty setting in the Star Arena to maximize your reward, then sell your dust and scrap for $$$. Upgrade your Altar to receive more dust and scrap for your offerings. Level your Altar up to 29 to become Grayhaven’s next billionaire!

Level your Healer! Buy and sell potions until you can level up your healer. Repeat. Having health potions that are ten times stronger than your total health is the next best thing to immortality.

Watch your statistics! This is critical. Click the sack icon then the “i” above your hero’s image. These are the statistics that define your hero. Scroll down to see them all. Visit the Power page for a description of your statistics and why they are important.

Don’t neglect your runes! You get a key for the Tower of Trials every sixteen hours or so. Choose a floor that you can complete without boosters and run it every day! For more information, visit the Runes page.

Guild Banners! There are thirteen banners listed on the Guild Wars page. The best one is probably the Banner of Efficiency. It can reduce the amount of craft value required to upgrade your gear by up to 85%!  If you are upgrading at high levels you might want to build up craft value for two weeks until the Efficiency banner comes. When it does, use it all for deeply-discounted gear upgrades! 

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This site is largely a compilation of knowledge gleaned from a community of GoH players whose curiosity and persistence lead us all to a deeper understanding. It has been an honor and a joy to explore the world of Guild of Heroes with you.


It takes determination to climb the ranks in this game. Ahab had the right attitude:

Swerve me? The path to my fixed purpose is laid with iron rails, whereon my soul is grooved to run. Over unsounded gorges, through the rifled hearts of mountains, under torrents’ beds, unerringly I rush! Naught’s an obstacle, naught’s an angle to the iron way!” ~ Herman Melville, Moby-Dick or, The Whale